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How to Convince Your Parents to Get a Trampoline (Guaranteed!)

Discover the ultimate guide on how to convince your parents to get a trampoline. We've compiled a long list of benefits to make your case - guaranteed success! 

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How to Convince Your Parents to Get a Trampoline (Guaranteed!)

Looking to convince your parents to get a trampoline? 

You’re in the right place.  

We’ve made a long list of trampoline benefits that you can bring to Mom and Dad to help them believe that you need a trampoline.   

This is your ultimate guide on how to convince your parents to get a trampoline. Let’s get to it!  

Understanding Your Parent’s Concerns  

First off, we understand your parents’ hesitation about buying a trampoline.   

They are coming from a place of love.   

Trampolines historically have a reputation for being unsafe.   

Not to mention, they take up space in your yard, require maintenance and cost money.  

But…there are a TON of positives about trampolines.  

We’re going to give you the main ones. Use these to help prove your point to your parents!  

9 Points to Help Convince Your Parents to Get a Trampoline 

The following are favorable arguments for how to convince your parents to get you a trampoline:  

1. Trampolines Come with Many Health Benefits 

Trampoline jumping is one of the best ways to improve your physical health.  

You can tell your parents that by getting a trampoline, you will:  

  • Improve your heart health and cardio. 
  • Develop strong bones and muscles as you grow. 
  • Strengthen your balance and coordination skills. 
  • Improve your mood and burn off energy.   

If you’re a gymnast or athlete, trampolines are the perfect platforms to train on! 

2. Trampoline Safety Has Improved  

Backyard trampolines today are not the same trampolines your parents had.  

Your parents’ trampoline might have looked like this: 

An old trampoline without a net or padding.


Photo courtesy of Topline Trampolines.  

Luckily, trampolines have become safer due to the: 

  • Standard use of enclosure nets. 
  • Padding over the metal springs, frame and poles.  
  • Introduction of springless trampolines (more on this later).   

While trampoline injuries are possible, advances in trampoline safety have made the modern-day trampoline much safer.  

Especially if you purchase a high-quality trampoline, you are more protected than ever while jumping.  

For example, our Springfree Trampolines are the safest in the world.   

They eliminate 90% of product-related injuries! Tell your parents this to boost your argument.  

A gunmetal grey Springfree Trampoline.


Springfree Trampoline. This is our newest Gunmetal Trampoline– check it out!  

3. They Encourage an Active Lifestyle (Outdoors)  

Trampolines are a great way to get active and outdoors.  

In a world full of phones, computers and tablets, jumping on a trampoline provides a fun way to escape the screens.  

Not to mention, the numerous benefits of outdoor recreation.  

4. They Are Much More Than a Place to Jump  

With a trampoline, you can do many things, like: 

  • Play trampoline games (there are tons of them and you can even make up your own!) 
  • Chalk draw. 
  • Host a sleepover. 
  • Build a fort. 
  • Have a movie night with friends. 
  • Do homework – it’s more fun on a trampoline.  
  • String lights around the trampoline to go night jumping.   
A girl jumping on a trampoline with lights while another girl catches a ball in the background.


Springfree Trampoline. 

The possibilities are endless!  

5. They Can Be Used Throughout Your Childhood  

A backyard trampoline can be used when you’re little to when you’re graduating high school.  

The key is to get a high-quality trampoline, like a Springfree Trampoline.   

Springfree Trampolines come with a 10-year warranty and can last well beyond that.   

If you want a trampoline to jump on throughout childhood, let your parents know that it’s better to pay more for a great trampoline first.  

That way they don't waste money on a trampoline that won’t last past 1-3 years.  

6. Mom and Dad Can Use It Too!  

Trampolines aren’t just for you and your friends. They can be for your Mom and Dad too!  

Let your parents know that trampolines can give you a better workout than running.   

Tell them this fact: Jumping on a trampoline is 68% more effective than jogging AND requires less effort (proven by NASA!).  

7. They Can be Used to Host Parties  

How about hosting your next birthday party on a trampoline?  

Trust us, it’s a lot of fun: 

Kids blowing bubbles at a party with a Springfree Trampoline.


Springfree Trampoline. 

8. They Are Cleaner/More Accessible Than a Trampoline Park  

When you ask for a trampoline, your parents might say “Let’s just go to a trampoline park instead.”  

Give them these facts to explain the issues with trampoline parks: 

  • They can be more dangerous than a trampoline because many kids are jumping at the same time. (The majority of trampoline injuries happen when multiple kids are jumping simultaneously). 
  • They can be crowded, and you may have to wait for certain activities. 
  • They can be dirty, and germs spread easily.  
  • They require you to drive to the trampoline park – a backyard trampoline is just a few feet away. 
  • Costs can add up over time.  

9. Trampolines Can Produce Lifelong Family Memories 

It’s time to get emotional on this last one. Maybe make some sad eyes or even cry if you can. 

Trampolines are the perfect place to make lifelong memories with your family and friends.  

We speak from experience when we say that those childhood memories on a trampoline are ones you remember forever.   

Tell your parents that a trampoline will give you a place to create joyful moments you will remember for the rest of your life!  

A mother looking at her daughter through a trampoline net, smiling.


Springfree Trampoline.

Tell Your Parents About Springfree Trampoline  

Okay, you’ve got your arguments ready.  

Now, it’s time to choose which trampoline you want.  

To really convince your parents, you’re going to need to choose the best trampoline.  

One that will keep you safe and jumping for the long run.  

This is where you introduce your parents to Springfree Trampoline.  

They are the safest, highest-quality and longest-lasting trampolines you can find. They look pretty stylish too.   

They are big enough to hold your weight, your parents’ weight and even the weight of grown bears!  


Video courtesy of WFSB 3  

Tell your parents to visit www.springfreetrampoline.com for more details.  

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