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Dr. Keith Alexander is a mechanical engineering professor at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand, and the inventor of Springfree Trampoline.

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Customer Reviews

It has been wonderful.


Large Oval Trampoline

I bought the Springfree trampoline about 8 years ago when the grandkids were still small and it was a part of their lives and the neighbor kids' lives all those years. The neighbors had a pool and my daughter had the Springfree and along the way I bought a couple of water slides, so none of the kids wandered the neighborhood looking for something to do. My daughter moved recently and for now the trampoline is mine. I know that nobody ever got hurt on it and the kids didn't always follow safety rules. It was worth every penny several times over and I definitely would do it again. If I could, I would give it 100 stars.

Jo Chalet
Placerville, CA, UNITED STATES

Noah loves his new trampoline


Jumbo Square Trampoline

My son loves to bounce up and down. He has severe autism and first was introduced to trampolines at a sensitive Santa day at Springfree. He fell in love with trampolines and Santa after that! We bought a trampoline at the beginning of March and rain or shine he wants to be on it. He doesn't have too many activities he can participate it freely with ease, but jumping on his trampoline is definitely one of them. We are so grateful for our trampoline and highly recommend Springfree. They are kind, patient, and extremely helpful! Thank you Springfree

Lindsay M Legg

Piece of cake setup


Large Square Trampoline

I read the instructions and watched the online videos and found it relatively easy to assemble. I found the quality to exceed my expectations, heavy steel tubing, strong netting, and a good quality mat. Assembly only took me a couple of hours and against the recommendations, I was able to do it by myself. I would highly recommend this over any of the cheaper trampolines out there, construction, design, and safety are more than worth the extra money.

Damon Claycomb

Great so far.

This is a large, well built trampoline. We have had it since Christmas 2014. Assembled by the dealer (highly recommended), anchored to the ground (another great feature) and has the basketball net (the kids love this). I feel that with one kid on it at a time, it is 100% safe. That of course is hard to do, with multiple kids, just like any trampoline, the kids should be near equal size as you can easily land on each other. Flips are forbidden as they could cause serious problems. Great height, the net is strong also. We use it EVERYDAY and even at night with a light near it; we have had severe winds, snow, etc... and it has done well. We have not had to lower the net at all. Bottom line is that this trampoline so far is top quality. The other we looked at was Vully and we liked this one better. We have friends that have had these for longer with no problems. Premium price but a premium product. Hope this helps.


Not too shabby

Really nice product, totally safe for everyone. Design makes it impossible to fall off. Heavy steel frame makes it harder for Oklahoma wind to blow over. Security net also takes the wind well because it has flexibility. The install price was a deferent 300$ , so I opted to put it up myself. This was one hell of a task. It is physically hard to bend the fiberglass bows into place. My wife couldn't do it at all. She attempted several times. Better instructions would be helpful as it took me 3 attempts to figure it out. Basically it needs laments terms instead of an engineer blue print.
Anyhow, we love the product it is well engineered all around. It is a tad more expensive than a regular spring trampoline but u get what u pay for. 300$ vs 2500$. Thank you

Bob moyer
Blanchard , Oklahoma , UNITED STATES

Jumbo S155

One of the most memorable purchases you can make for your kids. This is a game changer when it comes to play time. The whole family loves it. I wouldn't let my kids anywhere near a traditional trampoline. Springfree was the ONLY option. You get what you pay for - pure pleasure.

John Coe


Its awesome it bounces well and it is super safe 10/10 would recomend!

Camden Vaughan
South Carolina, UNITED STATES
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