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Dr. Keith Alexander is a mechanical engineering professor at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand, and the inventor of Springfree Trampoline.

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Customer Reviews



Large Oval Trampoline

Awesome! I would recommend having two strong adults when putting it all together. Well designed trampoline with a great story included with the literature. He built a great product!! Totally stoked! My kids love it and keeps them busy. I don't worry too much because of the well designed enclosure. Totally worth the price. I will and have recommended to friends and coworkers. Memories always include that friend or relative that had a trampoline. Now we can recreate the memories without the injuries....

William Steiner

Great bounce!


Medium Oval Trampoline

My kids, ages 5 & 9, love the trampoline. It is so much fun! Fit perfectly in our narrow city backyard.

Shannon Wolfe
San Francisco, CA , UNITED STATES

A game changer!


Medium Oval Trampoline

We absolutely love our trampoline! We assembled it ourselves (great directions given, but the springs are a bear) and wouldn't do that again, but it's been a great experience ever since! Our 8 yo spends at least an hour a day (even in rain and snow!) on the trampoline and we've recommended it to two other families. It really has been a game changer for our family; we can't remember how we survived without it!


Love the trampoline

We love the trampoline. The only issue we've encountered is that the post that holds up the net with the white ball on top of it regularly slips out of the sleeve it is supposed to remain in. It is a bit odd and annoying - I must admit though that I never contacted Springfree to determine if there is a simple solution.

Kevin Ciaglo
Glastonbury, CT, UNITED STATES

Yay so much fun!!


Medium Oval Trampoline

So glad that we decided to go with this trampoline. . . it is completely awesome!! It is loved by our four children Oliver 18, Joseph 14, Cate 11, and Gabriella 8 years old as well as by ALL their friends. Mom especially loves the exercise she gets while jumping too.

Cedar Park, Texas, UNITED STATES

Safe and fun


Jumbo Square Trampoline

We have had this trampoline for 6 years now. Last summer we finally had to replace the stays since they gave out and started poking through the mesh. This trampoline has seen hundreds of kids in our neighborhood and has been used so frequently. We gave up a bit of bounce for incredible safety. It was worth every penny!!! We just love this trampoline.


The Best


Jumbo Square Trampoline

What an awesome trampoline. Incredible spring. Very safe. No way to fall off of or out of trampoline if door is zipped. My little girl loves it! And so do I! Very high quality materials. The net is top notch.

My only complaint is putting the net on is not intuitive. Not even with reading instructions and watching video. I had to do the net 4 times before I got it on right. The last time was my fault though, as I missed a hole and had to take half of it off. I would definitely recommend at least 2 men, if not three when stretching the mat. I did about a quarter of it by myself, then got my wife to help. We could not get the last 10 or so rods to snap in. I had to get 2 buddies to help and we had it together (the last 10 rods) in under 2 minutes. A little strength goes a long way.

I would recommend this to anyone!!!

Michael Brian Sanders
South Carolina, UNITED STATES
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