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16 Best Trampoline Games to Play (Kids and Adults!) 

From family games like hot potato to energetic activities that improve agility, check out these 16 fun-filled trampoline games for kids and adults!

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16 Best Trampoline Games to Play (Kids and Adults!) 

In a world where parents are trying to get their kids outdoors and active, trampolines offer an exciting way to accomplish both.  

Trampolines have been a childhood staple since the mid-20th century, and even in a world of screens, have stood the test of time. 

One of the primary reasons behind this? Trampolines can serve as a central hub of fun for kids of all ages to play games outdoors.  

At Springfree Trampoline, we value the little moments that trampolines provide. The moment when mom races her daughter to the trampoline, or the moment a group of friends decides to have their own Slam Dunk Contest or the moment when the whole family enjoys gazing at the stars from the comfort of their trampoline.  

There’s really no limit to what you can do on a trampoline, and that includes all the fun games you can play on your trampoline. 

Whether you’re by yourself, with a friend or with the whole family, playing games on a trampoline will have you jumping until the sun goes down. And maybe a little afterward, too. 

In this article, we’re going to go over 16 fun-filled games you can play on a trampoline, no matter what age you are! You’ll see plenty of classics, new ones we came up with and everything in between.  

Trampoline Safety Tips 

Before we get to all the fun, we do want to briefly go over some tips on how to safely play games on your trampoline: 

Tip #1: We recommend a “One-Jumper-at-a-Time” Rule when jumping on the trampoline.  

(There is a risk for injury when you have two or more jumpers using the trampoline at the same time. If you decide to let multiple jumpers on the trampoline, it’s best to have a supervisor watching close by to ensure the jumpers’ safety.) 

Tip #2: Make sure your trampoline is located in a safe place in your yard. 

(We recommend having 3-5 ft of clearance space around the trampoline.) 

Tip #3: All trampolines have a single jumper weight capacity (or trampoline weight limit) that should be followed for safety precautions. Single jumper weight capacity is based on how heavy you are and how high you jump.  

(**Here’s an example of single jumper weight capacity: Say you weigh over 220 pounds, and the trampoline you have has a 220-pound weight capacity. You can still jump on the trampoline, but if you reach maximum height on the trampoline, you run the risk of bottoming out (i.e. touching the ground). 

Everybody should be able to have fun on a trampoline, but adhering to basic trampoline safety rules will ensure that you stay having fun and don’t have to make a sudden trip to the emergency room.  

Top 16 Trampoline Games  

Now comes the good part: Here are 16 fun games you can play on a trampoline! 

  1. Monkey in the Middle 

Requirements: A ball of some kind 

How to: Have two people safely stand near the edges of the trampoline, with one of them holding a ball in their hand. The person in the middle will be the “monkey,” who is trying to catch the ball as the two people on the edges of the trampoline throw it. Once the “monkey” catches it, the person who threw it last will now become the “monkey.” 

Fun Tip: Have somebody keep score and whoever is the “monkey” the least number of times is the winner!  

  1. Jump Contest

Requirements: None  

How to: Designate a person (or multiple people) as judges, and one at a time, have a jumper go on the trampoline and perform their best jump. The judge(s) will then score the jump on a scale of 0-10. Go however many rounds you want and whoever has the highest score at the end wins! 

Fun Tip: If you have both adults and kids by the trampoline, have the adults judge the first time around and then switch it—have the kids judge the adults on their jumping abilities! (Adults: Make sure to stretch first…)  

  1. Slam Dunk Contest 

Boy dunking a basketball on a Springfree Trampoline 

Requirements: Trampoline hoop and ball 

How to: You will need a trampoline basketball hoop for this one. Similar to the last one, have a single jumper perform a dunk on the trampoline hoop and have a judge(s) score it on a scale from 0-50. At the end of the competition, the person with the most points wins! 

Fun Tip: If you are a basketball fan, pretend like you’ve morphed into your favorite player and do his/her favorite dunk! 

Check out our FlexrHoop if you’re curious to see if a basketball hoop is right for your trampoline.  

  1. HORSE 

Requirements: Trampoline hoop and ball 

How to: Here’s another one for you basketball lovers. To play HORSE, have one person attempt a shot on the hoop. If they make it, the other person must make that same exact shot in the same spot or else they get a letter. If the person in front of you misses the shot, then you get to attempt your own shot. Once a player has enough letters to spell “HORSE” they are eliminated. The last one who has not been spelled out is the winner! 

Fun Tip: Get creative with your shot attempts. Go outside the trampoline or even turn away from the goal and shoot a no-look shot! 

If you’re needing a trampoline basketball hoop, check out our list of the best trampoline basketball hoops to buy this year. 

  1. Bubble Pop 

5 kids blowing bubbles and playing next to a Springfree Trampoline 

Requirements: Bubbles 

How to: This game is simple and can be played by yourself or with others. Have somebody (or yourself) blow as many bubbles as possible in the air. Your mission is to pop all the bubbles before they blow away.  

Fun Tip: Try to beat your high score of bubbles popped every time you play! 

  1. Crack the Egg 

Requirements: None 

How to: This is a game for multiple kids to play of all ages. Have somebody sit in the middle of the trampoline with their knees to their chest and arms around their legs. They are the “egg”. The goal is for the other jumper(s) to try and “crack” the egg pose while jumping around them. Whoever holds the pose the longest wins.  

Fun Tip: Before each round, set a timer and write down each person’s time to keep track of the score. 

  1. Balance Test 

Requirements: None 

How to: This game is a great single-player option for both kids and adults. Set a timer and do various balance challenges, such as standing on one leg or holding a plank position. Try this out once a week and record your times to see how much you improve. 

Fun Tip: Give yourself rewards for reaching certain time milestones. For example, every time you hold a pose for a minute, you get a sweat treat (you might want to set a maximum limit on this though!).  

  1. Chalk Games  

3 kids using chalk to draw on a trampoline 

Requirements: Chalk 

How to: There are plenty of exciting games to play with chalk on the trampoline, and it’s especially fun for smaller children. Here are some examples:  

  • Draw rooms with chalk on the trampoline and play house. 

  • Draw a racetrack with chalk on the mat and race toy cars around. 

  • Draw Hopscotch with chalk and play. 

  • Write the alphabet & numbers with chalk on the mat scrambled up, call them out and have the kids jump to the correct answer.  

  • Draw an ocean, sky or outer space scene and pretend to be a deep-sea diver, superhero or astronaut. 

Fun Tip: After chalk time is over, make sure to clean the trampoline with soap and water so it’s ready for the next time! 

  1. Elude the Balloon  

Requirements: Water balloons  

How to: This game is for those hot summer days. Grab some water balloons and have one person stand on the outside of the trampoline while another person jumps on the trampoline. The goal is for the jumper to avoid being hit by the water balloon while jumping. 

Fun Tip: Set a timer for a certain amount of time, and if the jumper still has not been hit during that time, the jumper gets to throw a water balloon at the thrower without retaliation (not at the head or face area, though.)   

  1. Fashion Show 

Requirements: None

How to: A fashion show is a perfect way to intersect the fun of trampolines while showing off your style. Have somebody be the judge while kids and adults alike walk their walk in their favorite/weirdest outfits. Judge on a scale of 1-10 and whoever has the highest score after it’s all said and done is the winner! 

Fun Tip: Set categories for each round. For instance, during the first round, everybody must wear their most professional-looking attire. In the next round, everybody has to wear their most colorful clothing. Change it up! 

  1. Telephone 

Requirements: None 

How to: This is another classic game that can be fun for the whole family or friend group. Have one person start by jumping and then finish with a pose. The next person then jumps and copies that pose but adds their own after that. The game keeps going until somebody forgets the order of the poses. 

Fun Tip: This would be a great game to pair with the “Balance Test” game (Section 7). Both involve posing and if you start with the “Balance Test,” you will be nice and warmed up for “Telephone.”   

  1. Dodgeball 

Girl in mid-air jumping on a trampoline with a ball coming at her 

Requirements: A soft ball of some kind 

How to: The timeless game of dodgeball is perfect for older kids with a bigger trampoline. Just like you would when you were in gym class, you divide into two teams—one on each side of the trampoline. The goal is to hit the other team with the ball without them catching it. Whoever is the last team standing wins. 

Fun Tip: You can use the chalk we talked about in Section 10 and draw a center line that neither team can cross. 

  1. Simon Says… 

Requirements: None 

How to: Simon Says is one of the essential childhood games and can be a lot of fun to play on a trampoline. Have somebody stand outside the trampoline while the other jumper(s) are on the trampoline. The person outside gives orders with the cue “Simon Says” (for ex: “Simon Says, do a backflip). If the words “Simon Says” are not uttered before the command, and the jumper still does it anyways, they lose the game.  

Fun Tip: Some good Simon Says calls on a trampoline would be: “Jump as high as you can,” “Jump and turn in the air,” and “Don’t jump!” 

  1. Bounce With the Beat 

Requirements: Speaker 

How to: This game is good for those that want to jump with some rhythm. Make a playlist of your favorite songs and have one person control the playlist (they will also be the judge). Once a song starts playing, you have to do your best to jump with the beat of the song. Once the song stops, then you stop. The person will then go to the next song. After all of the songs are done, the judge will determine who did the best in keeping with the beat. 

Fun Tip: Add a mix of slow, medium and fast songs to vary it up.  

  1. Hot Potato  

Requirements: Something small, like a ball or bean bag. 

How to: Hot Potato works by having one person stand outside of the trampoline, either counting or singing out loud. While the person is singling, the others are tossing the small object (“hot potato”) around on the trampoline. When the person stops counting or singing (they control when) the last person to touch the “hot potato” is eliminated. You keep going until there is only one person left.  

Fun Tip: If you go the singing route, the winner of the previous round gets to choose who is outside the trampoline and what song they must sing. It’s a great way to make the game more entertaining and slightly embarrassing!  

  1. Dead Man Trampoline Game 

Requirements: None 

How to: Have one person (“the dead man”) sit in the middle of the trampoline and count to 10. While counting to 10, the other participants use stealth moves like crawling, rolling or quiet jumping to hide from the “dead man.” 

Once the “dead man” reaches a count of 10, he/she rolls over, and with eyes closed, crawls and tries to tag one of the other participants. The participants may move during this time, but they are not allowed to jump over the dead man. The dead man is not allowed to stand up at any time. 

Fun Tip: Try this game out at night to get the full experience! 

What Other Activities Can You Do on a Trampoline? 

The 16 games listed in this article are just scratching the surface of what you can do on a trampoline.  

We at Springfree Trampoline encourage you to try these games out and make up your own too. 

If you want more ideas as to how to turn your trampoline into the epicenter of excitement for your family and friends, we’ve got you covered. 

Check out our article on the 50 ways to use a trampoline for more unique ways to utilize your trampoline.   

We also have unique trampoline accessories and outdoor offerings that you may want to browse through if you’re looking to level up your trampoline experience. 

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