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Your Expert Trampoline Buying Guide

Trampoline Buying Guide

Uncover the secrets to the best bounce with our FREE Trampoline Buying
Guide, where industry leaders reveal:

1. The Type of Trampoline to Buy
2. What Size of Trampoline You Need
3. How to Find a Safe Trampoline
4. What Trampoline Quality/Durable Features to Prioritize
5. The Trampoline Accessories You Require
6. Trampoline Installation and Maintenance Solutions
7. How Much Does a Trampoline Cost
8. Best Trampoline Brands
9. Where to Buy a Trampoline

Don’t waste money on the wrong trampoline. Let this Ultimate Trampoline
Buying Guide be the trusted sidekick on your journey to the perfect leap!

1. The Type of Trampoline to Buy

In this chapter, you will learn about the four types of backyard trampolines, which include:

  • Spring trampolines
  • Springless trampolines
  • Above-ground trampolines
  • Inground trampolines

This will be the starting point on your journey to finding the most joyous jump!

2. What Size of Trampoline You Need 

Potentially the most important chapter in the book right here.

There are many elements to a trampoline’s size.

Some are even a bit secretive.

But we’re letting you know everything in this all-encompassing chapter that will include sections on backyard space, age and future growth, weight limits, jumping room and shapes.

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3. How to Find a Safe Trampoline 

“Trampolines are not safe.”

This is a common sentiment among parents.

While trampoline injuries can happen, you will decrease your chances of an accident significantly if you look for the key trampoline safety. features and follow safe jumping rules – both of which you will learn in this chapter.

4. What Trampoline Quality/Durable Features to Prioritize 

Simply put, a low-quality trampoline won’t last 1-3 years without needing to replace parts.

For those with long-term trampoline goals, you need to read this chapter.

It’ll tell you exactly what features to look for in a high-quality trampoline.

You will also get expert timelines on how long a trampoline will last based on quality.

5. The Trampoline Accessories You Require 

A trampoline basketball hoop? A weather cover? Wheels?

The list of trampoline accessories runs long, and they are an essential addition for many trampoline buyers.

Check this chapter out for a list of common accessories and start mapping out which ones are a must-have for you.

6. Trampoline Installation and Maintenance Solutions 

Installation and maintenance are arguably the most overlooked factors when buying a trampoline.

Properly installing your trampoline is crucial for safety.

And go ask anybody who’s had to buy a bunch of replacement parts how frustrating maintenance can be for a trampoline.

Learn how to navigate both factors with this insightful chapter.

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7. How Much Does a Trampoline Cost 

The cost of a trampoline is a chief concern among trampoline buyers. And it’s much more complex than the price you pay at check out.

You know your budget more than anybody. But this chapter will tell you how much you should spend based on your goals.

Oh, and we spill the beans on when trampolines typically go on sale.

You don’t want to miss this one!

8. Best Trampoline Brands

Are you interested in an expert-led look at the best trampoline brands?

In this chapter, you will learn the brands that stand out in 11 essential categories, including low-budget, bounce, visual appeal and safety.

There’s no fluff here, either.

We put aside any bias to give you a true look at the best of the best.

9. Where to Buy a Trampoline

Believe it or not, where you buy a trampoline plays a big part in the final price you will pay.

Besides cost, where you purchase a trampoline can affect your shopper experience and even the quality of your trampoline.

Yep, this is the final step to purchasing the perfect trampoline. Make sure you get it right!

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