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5 Best Trampolines for Gymnastics | Expert Picks + Insight

Upgrade your gymnastics routine with trampolines that meet the highest standards of safety, durability, and performance. Expert-approved choices for every level! 

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5 Best Trampolines for Gymnastics | Expert Picks + Insight

Choosing the best trampoline for gymnastics is no easy task.  

Having enough room to jump is crucial for practicing your gymnast skills. But you also must consider the safety, durability and longevity of the trampoline.   

These are just a few factors we assessed in ranking the top five outdoor trampolines for gymnastics.  

Using our expertise as a trampoline manufacturer, we have meticulously assessed and graded five trampolines on the most important features of gymnastics, including:  

  • Safety features  
  • Trampoline quality and durability  
  • Size and trampoline weight limit (also including jumping room!) 
  • Trampoline design  
  • Trampoline warranty  
  • User reviews 
  • Trampoline cost (Affordability + long-term value)  

Don’t worry, there will be no fluff with this List, just unbiased insights. See below for the results!  

5 Best Backyard Trampolines for Gymnastics This Year  

Before getting into the list, let’s address two common questions about gymnastics trampolines that will help provide more context for the List:  

What is the best shape trampoline for gymnastics? The best shape trampoline for gymnastics will be rectangle, square or large oval trampolines due to their larger jumping room area and uniform bounce.   

What size trampoline is good for gymnastics? A 14 ft or larger trampoline would be ideal for gymnastics. If you need ample space, go with a bigger trampoline size – especially if you have a growing child!   

***Important caveat: Trampolines that use springs take off roughly 2 ft of jumping room. So, a 12 ft trampoline is more like a 10 ft trampoline in size. Notice in the picture below how the blue safety padding takes up around 2 ft of the trampoline’s size (photo courtesy of Amazon): 

A girl jumping on a Skywalker Trampoline. 

Springless trampolines don’t have this issue, since they use alternatives like composite rods or bands. Keep this in mind as you look for a trampoline with plenty of jumping space.  

Now to the list!   

1. Best Budget Trampoline: Skywalker 15’ x 9’ Rectangle Trampoline  

A man jumping in mid-air on a Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline. 

  • Safety features – 4/10  
  • Trampoline quality and durability – 3/10  
  • Size and trampoline weight limit – 5/10  
  • Trampoline design – 5/10  
  • Trampoline warranty – 3/10  
  • User reviews– 4.4/5 (Google, 551 reviews)  
  • Trampoline cost – 6/10    

Expert Insight:     

  • Basic trampoline for gymnastics practice. It would likely be worth it to buy a better-quality trampoline if your child has long-term gymnast ambitions.  
  • They do have a patented no-gap enclosure system, which helps protect against spring-related trampoline injuries. Static metal poles and cheap construction are safety concerns, however. 
  • Warranty is only 1-3 years limited, meaning the Trampoline likely won't last past 3 years without replacing parts.   
  • Made with a galvanized steel frame and UV-resistant materials, both important for protection against the elements.      
  • Their trampoline springs are only 7.5” long and according to ProTrampolines Review, the mat is not very bouncy.  
  • Good trampoline weight limit of 250 pounds.   
  • Only around 96 square ft. of jumping space – not very much, especially for older kids.  
  • Basic trampoline design.  
  • Should have good stability with T-sockets used at each frame joint. However, trampoline anchors may still be required if wind is a problem in your area.  
  • ProTrampolines says assembly takes 3-3.5 hours and the assembly manual is bad.  
  • Relatively affordable for a gymnastics backyard trampoline ($699).     

The Verdict: Skywalker’s Trampoline is a good intro gymnastics trampoline for limited budgets and/or young children. However, its narrow jumping room and low lifespan likely rule it out for families with long-term gymnastic trampoline goals.    

Photo courtesy of Skywalker.   

2. Best for Jumping Room: Galactic Xtreme 23’ Rectangle Trampoline  

A woman jumping on a Galactic Rectangle Trampoline.

  • Safety features – 6/10  
  • Trampoline quality and durability – 3/10  
  • Size and trampoline weight limit – 10/10  
  • Trampoline design – 7/10  
  • Trampoline warranty – 3/10  
  • User reviews– 4.6/5 (Amazon, 5 reviews)  
  • Trampoline cost – 5/10    

Expert Insight:     

  • This Trampoline is HUGE, with dimensions of 13’ x 23’ and a weight of 710 pounds. 
  • Pro of Galactic’s Trampoline size:  Serves as a long trampoline for gymnastics, with lots of jumping room.  
  • Con of Galactic’s Trampoline size: You must have the backyard space to safely accommodate it. 
  • Lifetime warranty on the steel frame and springs, hinting at a long product lifespan.  
  • HUGE SAFETY CONCERN: Springs are located inside the net! Since the metal springs help contribute to 20% of trampoline injuries (Policygenius), this is a red flag.  
  • Trampoline does include a patented Stay-put enclosure net, made of high-grade polyester mesh.  
  • Commercial grade steel frame that is 3.0 mm thick and galvanized promotes adequate sturdiness.   
  • Very high 750-pound single jumper weight limit.  
  • Includes 172 springs that are 9’ long, which should deliver a good bounce (although this needs to be tested to verify).  
  • Hardly any user reviews to assess.  
  • High cost ($2,950, Amazon).   

The Verdict: Happy Trampoline’s Galactic 23’ Trampoline is a mammoth, which can be good or bad depending on your goals and the size of your backyard.   

Its jumping room is immense, and the frame/springs are backed by a lifetime warranty. Based on its unusual size and low review count, you can hypothesize that many households either don’t have the room or don’t want to accommodate this large of a Trampoline in their space.  

Photo courtesy of Amazon.   

3. Best Spring Trampoline: ACON Air 16 ft Performance Trampoline  

A man jumping on an ACON Trampoline. 

  • Safety features – 6/10  
  • Trampoline quality and durability – 8/10  
  • Size and trampoline weight limit –7/10  
  • Trampoline design – 7/10  
  • Trampoline warranty – 7/10  
  • User reviews– 4.7/5 (Google, 798 reviews)  
  • Trampoline cost – 4/10    

Expert Insight:     

  • Comes with two sets of springs: ACON’s X-Series and Piano Wire Springs. They measure between 8.3-10 in.  
  • One of the best bounces in the industry, as illustrated by ProTrampolines Review. It’s good for flips and stunts.  
  • Excellent quality, with a frame built with black-powder coated 2.5 mm thick tubes. 
  • The metal springs are partially inside the net and gaps can be created that expose the springs, which could result in a pinching injury.  
  • Around 120 square ft. of jumping space, which is only 7 square ft. more than our Springfree 11 ft Trampoline ($1,999).   
  • UV-treated mat with 10 rows of stitching, meaning it won’t tear easily.  
  • The trampoline frame is black powder coated and galvanized to protect against rust.    
  • No listed single-jumper trampoline weight limit. 
  • Assembly instructions are good, but the Trampoline weighs around 500 pounds and must be assembled by more than one person, according to ProTrampolines.  
  • Net is UV-resistant, and the poles are galvanized. However, the pole covers have been shown not to hold under heavy winds:  

An ACON Trampoline with a partially disassembled enclosure.

Photo courtesy of ProTrampolines.  

  • Trampoline warranty is above-average: 10-year warranty on the frame, 5 years on the mat and springs and 1-2 years on the safety padding and other components.  
  • Comes with a ladder.  
  • High upfront cost ($3,638)  

The Verdict: This is a high-quality, solid bouncing spring Trampoline from ACON. User reviews back up this sentiment.   

The concerns are the high cost and the amount of jumping room you’re getting for the price. For gymnasts and families looking to get the most for their money, this could be an issue.   

For example, here is a comparison of jumping room and price between ACON and Springfree:   

Springfree Large Square Trampoline – 11’ x 11’, 113 square ft. of jumping space, $1,999.   

ACON 16 ft Performance Trampoline – 17’ x  9.8’, 120 square ft. of jumping space, $3,638.   

Jumping room aside, this ACON Trampoline is arguably the best spring trampoline for gymnastics at home due to its bounce quality and sturdy construction.   

Photo courtesy of ACON.  

4. Best Premium Square Trampoline: Springfree Jumbo Square Trampoline 

A girl jumping on a Springfree Square Trampoline while a little boy runs around it. 


  • Safety features – 10/10  
  • Trampoline quality and durability – 10/10  
  • Size and trampoline weight limit – 7/10  
  • Trampoline design – 10/10  
  • Trampoline warranty– 10/10  
  • User reviews– 4.9/5 (Google, 449 reviews)  
  • Trampoline cost – 6/10   

Expert Insight:   

  • Top-notch trampoline safety features: springless design, flexible jumping net, edge-free mat, jumper-safe frame, and enclosure rods replacing traditional metal poles. 
  • Mat rods that replace the springs are 3x the strength of steel.  
  • All major components are UV-protected.  
  • Frame is galvanized and triple-layer rust protected.  
  • Should last 10+ years if used reasonably.   
  • Comes with 155 square ft. of jumping space, which is unique for its 13’ x 13’ size.  
  • 220 lb weight limit is standard.  
  • Provides a smooth, non-jarring bounce, that can rival the bounce of a spring trampoline in height.  
  • Contemporary trampoline design that adds to a backyard’s aesthetic and can be customized using seven different colors.  
  • 10-year warranty on all trampoline parts (the only Trampoline to offer the same long warranty coverage on all parts).  
  • Assembly may be difficult for some, especially with inserting the mat rods (professional trampoline assembly is offered for $399). Can be completed in 2-2.5 hours.  
  • Expensive initially ($2,499), but well worth its value over time.   

The Verdict: Springfree Trampolines have proved to be the safest, highest-quality and longest-lasting trampolines on the market. For gymnasts, the maximization of jumping space without taking up your whole backyard is a huge plus. 

The upfront cost is high, and the assembly process can be complicated for some. Taken altogether, though, you won’t find a better brand of home trampoline for gymnastics.   

5. Best Premium Oval Trampoline: Springfree Jumbo Oval Trampoline

A girl dressed in winter clothes smiling and posing on a Springfree Jumbo Oval Trampoline. 


  • Safety features – 10/10  
  • Trampoline quality and durability – 10/10  
  • Size and trampoline weight limit – 9/10  
  • Trampoline design – 10/10  
  • Trampoline warranty– 10/10  
  • User reviews– 4.9/5 (Google, 449 reviews)  
  • Trampoline cost – 5/10   

Expert Insight:   

  • Industry-leading trampoline safety features (springless design, FlexiNet, SoftEdge Mat, hidden frame and use of enclosure rods instead of metal static poles.)  
  • Highest quality Oval Trampoline for gymnastics. It includes a galvanized steel base with three layers of rust protection and patented composite rods that are 3x stronger than steel for the jumping system   
  • Provides 200 square feet of jumping space – as much as you will find on a backyard trampoline.   
  • Oval shape suits gymnasts that want to do tumbling. Also great for cartwheels! 
  • Includes a 10-year warranty for all parts. 
  • Innovative design that adds to a backyard’s aesthetic.     
  • Professional installation is INCLUDED.     
  • 220-pound user weight limit is standard.         
  • Priciest trampoline on this List ($3,999) but worth it for long-term gymnastic goals.   
  • Its 12 ft x 19 ft size may not fit in some backyards.  You’ll need at least 22’ x 29’ of space to safely accommodate the Jumbo Oval’s size.  

The Verdict: The Springfree Jumbo Oval offers 200 square feet of jumping space and is arguably the best overall option for home gymnastic trampolines.   

You will need to make room for its size in your backyard. If you don’t have the necessary space but want an oval-shaped trampoline, check out our Springfree Large Oval Trampoline  

*Disclaimer: We included two of our Springfree Trampolines as the best trampolines for gymnastics because it has objectively proven to be top-of-the-line in safety, quality and durability. See our Springfree Trampoline Reviews for more.   

Which Gymnastics Trampoline Fits in Your Yard? 

The five trampolines on this List each have their pros and cons, and choosing which trampoline is best for your gymnast goals is ultimately your decision.    

By informing yourself of your options, you have substantially increased your chances of a successful purchase. A pat on the back is well deserved!  

Before you go, check out our free Augmented Reality Tool. It will allow you to virtually place a trampoline in your backyard to see what it will look like before committing. Just follow these three simple steps:  

  1. Visit Springfree Trampoline’s website on your phone.   
  1. Select a Trampoline and tap the AR icon.   
  1. Use your phone to view, adjust, and screenshot the Trampoline in your yard.    

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