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We Ranked the Best $1000 Trampolines to Buy This Year

Invest wisely in backyard joy with our guide to the best $1,000 trampolines! As trampoline experts, we share our top picks for an informed and worthwhile purchase. 

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We Ranked the Best $1000 Trampolines to Buy This Year

Spending your money on a $1,000 trampoline is not a small investment.   

That’s why we’re going to use our expertise as a premium trampoline manufacturer to guide you. We sell $1,000+ springless trampolines, making us familiar with high-quality trampolines and who sells them.   

Reading this will significantly increase your chances of finding the best trampoline before committing to that four-figure price tag.  

Top 7 Best $1,000 Trampolines This Year 

This List is the culmination of our in-depth and unbiased competitor assessment of high-quality trampoline brands  

There was an expansive criterion we assessed, including:  

  • Safety, quality and durability features. 
  • Size, weight limits and jumping room.  
  • Design.  
  • Warranty. 
  • User reviews and brand reputation.  

In full transparency, we will be listing our Springfree Trampolines on this List because they have independently proven to be the safest, highest-quality and longest-lasting Trampolines on the market.   

*This List is in no particular order! 

1. Springfree Large Oval Trampoline 

A boy jumping on a Springfree Trampoline while his brother watches from the outside. 

Cost: $1,799 


  • Springless design, a flexible net, no hard edges on the mat, hidden frame and enclosure rods that replace hard metal poles make it the safest trampoline type you can buy.  
  • Mat rods that replace the springs are 3x the strength of steel and 4x more flexible.   
  • All major components are UV-protected – KEY to protecting against sun-related damage. 
  • The Trampoline frame is galvanized, powder-coated and triple-layer rust protected.   
  • Should last 10+ years if used reasonably. This is backed by the 10-year warranty on all parts of the trampoline (the only Company that offers this).  
  • Comes with 92 square ft. of jumping space, which is unique for its 8’ x 13’ size.   
  • The Springfree Bounce is quiet, smooth and easy on the joints while rivaling the bounce of a traditional spring trampoline in height.   
  • Unique Trampoline design adds to a backyard’s aesthetic and can be customized using seven different colors.  
  • Well worth its value over time.  
  • User reviews are overwhelmingly positive: (Google, 4.8/5, 1,964 reviews)  


  • Assembly may be difficult for some, especially with inserting the mat rods (professional trampoline assembly is offered for $399).  
  • 220-lb weight limit is standard.   

 2. ACON Air 15 ft Trampoline  

A girl doing a twist on an ACON Trampoline while her family watches from the zipper door. 

Cost: $1,537  


  • Comes with 110 galvanized steel “X-series” trampoline springs that are 8.5 inches long. ACON has a good reputation for providing a solid bounce. 
  • This Model comes with a premium enclosure net, which ensures that the springs will be OUTSIDE the net – a plus for safety. 
  • Built with quality materials, including a black powder-coated frame with steel pipes that are 2 inches in diameter.  
  • UV-treated cross-sewn polypropylene mat with 10 rows of stitching, meaning it won’t tear easily.   
  • No listed single-jumper trampoline weight limit. The total structural weight capacity is 1,750 pounds.  
  • Solid trampoline warranty: 10-year warranty on the frame, 5 years on the mat and springs and 1-2 years on the safety padding and other components.   
  • Comes with a ladder and spring pull.    
  • Solid user reviews (4.7/5, Google, 803 reviews).   


  • The premium enclosure net takes off jumping room. The jumping room on the trampoline is more like a 13 ft trampoline 
  • Assembly could take a while and it weighs around 300 pounds, so it won’t be easy to complete with one person. 
  • May not last under harsh winter weather, according to ProTrampolines. They also found that there could be issues with rain seeping into the safety padding. Too much water exposure can wear down the padding and present a safety hazard.   

Photo courtesy of ACON.  

3. Vuly XL Thunder Pro Trampoline  

A kid jumping on the Vuly Thunder Large Trampoline.


Cost: $2,399  


  • Includes an innovative pre-curved leaf spring system.   
  • UV-tested net and double-galvanized frame are good for longevity. 
  • Solid 330-pound single jumper weight limit for a 14 ft trampoline 
  • The net poles curve away from the enclosure, which is a plus for safety.  
  • Uses only push buttons to install, making it seemingly easier to assemble.  
  • Unique design includes a printed game mat (HexVex Game Mat) with different icons.       
  • Solid warranty coverage on the frame (10 years) and mat (5 years).  
  • Excellent reviews (4.9-5, Google, 631 reviews).  


  • Standard warranty for the safety net, net poles and leaf springs is only one year – meaning they could need to be replaced fairly quickly.  
  • Game mat icons may wear out over time and the paint can transfer to the skin in the process.  
  • Vuly does not have much of a North American presence, so it may be more difficult to get direct service or parts for your trampoline.       

Photo courtesy of Vuly.  

4. Skywalker Premium 17 ft Rectangle Trampoline  

A little girl jumping on a Skywalker Trampoline with an American flag on it. 

Cost: $1,599  


  • Includes 8.5-inch springs, which are larger than their basic models.   
  • Rectangular shape is good for young gymnasts or athletes.  
  • They do have a patented no-gap enclosure system, which helps protect against contact with the metal springs.  
  • Galvanized steel frame comes with a 10-year limited warranty.  
  • Great trampoline weight limit of 625 pounds.    
  • T-sockets are used at each frame joint, which is good for stability. You may still need to anchor your trampoline if living in a windy area, though.   

*Not enough user reviews to make conclusions on customer satisfaction. 


  • Springs take off around 2 ft of jumping space.  
  • Warranty is only two years for all material besides the frame, meaning you will likely need to replace parts after two years.  
  • Static metal poles create a safety hazard if the jumper approaches the net with enough force.    

Photo courtesy of Skywalker.  

5. JumpSport AlleyOOP 10’ x 17’ Rectangle Trampoline 

Multiple kids bouncing on a JumpSport Rectangle Trampoline. 

Cost: $3,299  


  • Includes 164, 9.5-inch springs and JumpSport’s VariableBounce Technology, which helps better absorb the jumper’s impact.  
  • Can add a second layer of springs (PowerBounce-$400) to boost your bounce performance.    
  • Great quality trampoline with a galvanized steel frame and a 10-row stitched “Permatron” Mat.  
  • Patented “Triple-Fail-Safe” Enclosure helps jumpers brace themselves as they fall into the net. It also doesn’t have a zipper, so it’s never left unopened.  
  • Lifetime warranty for the steel frame and poles and a 10-year warranty for the mat and enclosure net.  
  • 225-pound single jumper weight capacity.  

*Not enough user reviews to make conclusions on customer satisfaction. 


  • Most expensive Trampoline on this List.  
  • RED FLAG: Springs are located inside the enclosure net, increasing the chances of a spring-related trampoline injury 
  • Steel poles are linear, which can present a safety hazard if the padding starts to wear down.  
  • The jumping space is only around 93 square ft. (which is the equivalent of an 8’ x 13’ springless trampoline).  
  • Assembly is said to be a long process, according to ProTrampolines  

Photo courtesy of Creative Playthings.  

6. Jumpflex HERO 15 ft Trampoline   

Two men jumping on a Jumpflex Trampoline. 

Cost: $1,049  


  • Enclosure net is made from polyester and woven together using an Endless Weave knot-free system. (The one-year warranty on the net hints that it may need to be replaced after a year, however.) 
  • All metal components are coated with protective zinc, which helps protect against rust.  
  • Offers a 10-year warranty for the frame and 5 years on the mat and springs. 
  • 352-pound max user weight. 
  • No bolts or welds, which should make the Trampoline easier to assemble.  
  • Cool green-and-black design. 

*Not enough user reviews to make conclusions on customer satisfaction.  


  • Springs are only 7.1 inches, which is at the lower end of the spring trampolines on this List.  
  • Warranty is only 1 year for the spring padding, net poles and safety net.  
  • The netting and the mat are two separate entities, which can cause gaps between the mat and the net. This can expose the springs and a potential falling injury area.  
  • Even though the metal poles are curved (a plus), they still are static and could cause injury if enough force is applied to the net by the jumper.   

Photo courtesy of Jumpflex.  

7. Springfree Jumbo Square Trampoline  

A little boy jumping on a Springfree Square Trampoline. 

*(See the first Trampoline on this List, the Springfree Large Oval, for more information. All Springfree Trampolines include the same safety and quality features! This is just a bigger size and different shape.)  

Cost: $2,499  


  • Trampoline safety features include a springless design, flexible net, no hard edges, and a hidden frame that eliminates 90% of product-related injuries.  
  • Highest-quality Trampoline that lasts at least 10 years (assuming reasonable use) and holds up well under extreme weather conditions.    
  • Square trampoline shape maximizes jumping space – 155 square feet on a 13’ x 13’ Trampoline.  
  • Contemporary trampoline design that adds to a backyard’s aesthetic.   
  • 10-year warranty on all trampoline parts. 
  • Won’t need much maintenance over its 10+ years.  
  • Great user reviews (4.9/5, 1,510 reviews, Google).  


  • Complicated assembly process but can be completed with two people. We recommend the BILT App for free 3D, interactive instructions.  
  • 220-pound single jumper weight limit is average compared to other 13 ft trampolines.  
  • The Trampoline’s unique square size can make it difficult to fit into tight spaces in your backyard.    

See a $1,000 Trampoline in Your Yard BEFORE Buying 

This List should have opened your eyes to the best $1,000 trampolines you can buy this year. We wish you the best on your journey to finding the right bounce!  

Make sure to check out our free Augmented Reality Tool before you go. This Tool could be your final step before making an informed decision.   

What it does is allow you to virtually place a trampoline in your backyard (using your phone) to see what it will look like before opening your wallet. Just follow these three simple steps and see what your future trampoline could look like:   

  1. Visit Springfree Trampoline’s website on your phone.   
  2. Select a Trampoline and tap the AR icon.   
  3. Use your phone to view, adjust, and screenshot the Trampoline in your yard.    

It’ll look something like this:  

A person displaying an AR trampoline on their smartphone.

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