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Are ACON Trampolines Worth the Money? | Unbiased Insights

Are ACON trampolines worth the money? We provide an unbiased and thorough analysis of ACON trampolines, so you can make an informed decision. Learn more here!

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Are ACON Trampolines Worth the Money? | Unbiased Insights

Are ACON Trampolines worth the investment? It's a question that many prospective trampoline buyers grapple with.  

In this analysis, we set aside any competitive inclinations and provide an objective and thorough assessment of ACON Trampolines.

Our goal is to equip you with the information you need to make an informed decision, free from the typical brand rivalry.  

Banner image courtesy of ACON.  

Are ACON Trampolines Worth It?   

We’ll give you the answer up front: Whether ACON Trampolines are worth the money for you will depend on your goals. Don’t worry, we will have a more specific answer later on after we add some context.   

ACON is among the most expensive trampoline brands on the market. For some, the cost will be worth it. For others, though, you might be better off looking elsewhere.   

Let’s dive into ACON further:  

ACON History  

Founded in 1996 in Finland, ACON took its initial steps into the broader trampoline market with the introduction of the ACON Air Trampoline in 2003.   

Since then, it has become a prominent brand offering a range of products, including trampolines, gymnastics equipment, and ice hockey gear.  

In this article, we’re going to be focusing on their selection of outdoor trampolines. Do note, however, that they have a range of high-quality rebounders that typically get positive user reviews.    

ACON Trampoline Catalog  

Before getting into the insight, let’s go over all the outdoor trampolines and accessories they sell:   

  • 8 Rectangle Trampolines ($1,299-$3,900)  
  • 14 Round Trampolines ($339-$1,249)  
  • 25 Trampoline Accessories ($6.90-$590)  

ACON sells trampolines with nets and freestyle trampolines commonly used for flips and tricks. See a Freestyle Trampoline below, courtesy of ACON.  

An ACON Freestyle Trampoline. 

Based on review counts located on ACON’s website, the ACON Air 16 ft Sport HD Trampoline and ACON Air 15 ft Trampoline are there most popular models.   

7 Pros of ACON   

We’re now going to go into the pros and cons of ACON. This will give you a sense of what they do well and where they fall short: 

1. Diverse trampoline selection, including freestyle trampolines. 

2. Distinctive Nordic design. 

3. Provide one of the best spring-based bounces in the business.  

4. Offer the ability to upgrade their trampoline springs (Piano Wire Springs) for a higher bounce.  

5. Trampolines undergo UV treatment and durable components, like galvanized springs and frames.  

6. 5-to-10-year warranty on the trampoline frame, mat and springs. 

7. Offer plenty of trampoline accessories, including five trampoline basketball hoops. A ladder comes with your trampoline purchase.   

A girl doing the splits in mid-air on an ACON Trampoline with a dog watching from the outside. 

Photo courtesy of Sweet Southern Grace.  

7 Cons of ACON   

1. ACON’s Trampolines might be too expensive for some budgets.  

2. Some ACON trampolines come with springs inside of the jumping area – RED FLAG FOR SAFETY.  

3. Their static metal poles are a potential safety hazard for wayward jumpers.  

4. They are not transparent with single jumper trampoline weight limits on some of their models. (They claim there is no single jumper weight limit, but there is always a limit when somebody reaches maximum height).  

5. The springs take off roughly 2 ft of jumping space. So, a 15 ft ACON Trampoline = roughly 13 ft of jumping space. 

6. They do not sell newer trampoline shapes like oval and square trampolines. 

7. ACON Trampoline Warranty coverage is not consistent for all trampoline components (1-2 years for other components like the safety padding.)  

User Reviews of ACON Trampolines   

Taking a gaze at ACON’s reviews online reveals that customers generally have a positive experience with their Trampolines.

They don’t have a high number of reviews on some of their models, but there’s enough to at least get a sense of how they perform.   

 Here are some notable ratings from various sources:  

  • ACON Air 16 ft Sport HD Trampoline (4.6/5, 766 reviews, Google) 
  • ACON Air 15 ft Round Trampoline (4.7/5, 345 reviews, Walmart) 
  • ACON Air 12 ft Round Trampoline (4.6/5, 97 reviews, Walmart)  

ACON reviews.

Oftentimes, the best way to review a trampoline is to hear from the users themselves. Here are two experiences, one positive and one negative, from non-sponsored sources that have owned/tested an ACON Trampoline.   

Positive experience: Pro Trampolines’ Review of the ACON Air 14 ft Trampoline  

Negative experience: Finding Out About Trampolines the Hard Way (ACON Review) 

Expert Analysis of ACON’s Trampolines  

So, here’s the key summary about ACON: They do a lot well.   

Their Trampolines are well-built, typically durable, produce one of the better spring-based bounces and have an aesthetically pleasing design. For athletes and gymnasts, ACON Trampolines definitely have appeal.   

It’s also good to see a 5-10-year warranty on their Trampoline’s main components (frame, springs and mat).  

This hints that these parts may last for half a decade before needing to be replaced. Other trampoline parts (safety padding) won’t last as long, however, and will need to be replaced.   

The downsides to ACON revolve mainly around the safety of their Trampolines. Some ACON Models, like the ACON Air 15 ft Trampoline, have springs located inside the net. See below, courtesy of ACON:   

An ACON Trampoline with the springs inside the net.

When springs reside inside the net, jumpers can get pinched or trapped easily. According to Policygenius, around 20% of trampoline injuries occur from contact with the springs or frame. It’s a big no-no for trampoline safety.  

Their Trampolines also have static metal poles. What this means is the poles stay stationary while somebody is jumping. They are padded (which is a plus) but if the padding starts to wear down, a jumper can collide with the metal poles -- this can cause serious injury.  

The question comes down to value: Is ACON’s high price worth it considering the pros and cons?  

So… Are ACON Trampolines Worth the Money?  

Let’s round back and answer the ultimate question: Depending on your goals, an ACON Trampoline could be worth the money.   

You could be a fit: If you’re looking for a high-bouncing spring trampoline that will last for potentially 5-10 years, you might be a candidate for an ACON Trampoline.   

You may want to look elsewhere: If your chief goal is your children’s safety, you may want to look elsewhere. If you’re preparing to pay $1,000+ for an outdoor trampoline and safety is your deciding factor, a Springfree Trampoline would be a better fit. Speaking of…  

A child jumping on a Springfree Trampoline while another child runs around it.

ACON or Springfree Trampoline?   

ACON is a good trampoline brand with a catalog that can rival most other spring-based trampoline brands. But they are not the only option you have when it comes to a high-end trampoline.   

We at Springfree sell the safest, highest-quality and longest-lasting Trampolines on the market. If you’re going to spend thousands of dollars on a trampoline, you must assess all your options before purchasing.   

We’ve used our insight to do a direct and unbiased comparison between us at Springfree Trampoline and ACON. If you’re still deciding on your perfect trampoline, you’re going to want to read this.   

Check it out: ACON Trampoline vs. Springfree Trampoline | Which One Is Right for You?  

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