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We Broke Down Trampoline Prices From Each Major Brand

Trampoline prices differ from brand to brand. To help with your research process, here are price range comparisons for the top trampoline brands this year!

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We Broke Down Trampoline Prices From Each Major Brand

The price for a trampoline varies drastically depending on many factors, including which trampoline brand you buy. 

With many brands to choose from, it can be difficult to compare trampoline costs: Understandably, not many people have the time to research trampolines all day. 

We’ve rounded up 9 trampoline brands (including ours, Springfree Trampoline) and provided a price range for all the backyard trampolines they offer.  

This article will give you a broad assessment of trampoline prices so you can start to narrow down which brands are within your budget, which will give you a jump start on your trampoline research process! 

9 Trampoline Brands’ Prices 

These brands were chosen based on our internal analysis of the most prevalent trampoline brands in the industry. There are plenty of brands out there, but the 9 you see below are the more notable ones.  

Trampoline prices can vary depending on promotions a company is running, new products, seasonal pricing changes, etc.

Due to the inevitable price changes, you can think of the prices below as estimates of what to expect when buying a trampoline from one of these brands. 

Pricing also depends on where you buy a trampoline (brands, retailers, dealers, etc.).

For this article, all trampoline costs are from each brand’s website but note that the brand’s trampoline price may be different than another source, like Walmart, Amazon or your local backyard dealer. 

The trampolines being assessed today are exclusively backyard, or outdoor, trampolines. Mini trampolines (rebounders) or other types of trampolines will not be included. This List is also not in any type of order. 

If you would like more information on trampoline pricing before reading through the List, check out our article, “How Much Does a Trampoline Cost?”, to learn what factors contribute to the total cost of a trampoline. 

1. Skywalker Trampolines 

A child jumping on a Skywalker Trampoline.

Price Range: $199-$2,999 

Cheapest Trampoline: Skywalker 8 ft Round Trampoline 

Most Expensive Trampoline: Skywalker 15 ft Premium Square Trampoline  

Photo courtesy of BJ’s Wholesale Club. 

2. Zupapa 

A Zupapa Trampoline. 

Price Range: $339-$714 

Cheapest Trampoline: Zupapa Saffun 8 ft Trampoline 

Most Expensive Trampoline: Zupapa Saffun 16 ft Trampoline  

Photo courtesy of Sears. 

3. Upper Bounce (Machrus) 

Upper Bounce Trampolines on a beach. 

Price Range: $299-$1,999 

Cheapest Trampoline: Machrus Moxie Pumpkin-Shaped 6 ft Trampoline 

Most Expensive Trampoline: Machrus Upper Bounce 16 ft x 16 ft Square Trampoline 

Photo courtesy of Hip2Save.  

4. Jumpflex 

Kids playing on a Jumpflex Trampoline. 

Price Range: $749-899 

Cheapest Trampoline: Jumpflex HERO 12 ft Trampoline 

Most Expensive Trampoline: Jumpflex HERO 15 ft Trampoline  

Photo courtesy of Jumpflex. 

5. ACON 

ACON Air Trampoline. 

Price Range: $339-$3,900 

Cheapest Trampoline: ACON Air 6 ft Trampoline  

Most Expensive Trampoline: ACON X 17 ft Trampoline 

Photo courtesy of ProTrampolines. 

6. Jumpzylla 

A kid doing a backflip on a Jumpzylla Trampoline. 

Price Range: $209-$469 

Cheapest Trampoline: Jumpzylla 8 ft Trampoline  

Most Expensive Trampoline: Jumpzylla 14 ft Trampoline 

Photo courtesy of Jumpzylla.  

7. Vuly 

Vuly Trampoline. 

Price Range: $549-$2,199 

Cheapest Trampoline: Vuly Ultra Trampoline (Small) 

Most Expensive Trampoline: Vuly Thunder Pro Trampoline (XL) 

Photo courtesy of The Bay Trampolines. 

8. JumpSport (AlleyOOP) 

Kid jumping on a JumpSport AlleyOOP Trampoline.

Price Range: $1,499-$2,999 

Cheapest Trampoline: JumpSport Elite 14 ft Trampoline  

Most Expensive Trampoline: JumpSport AlleyOOP 10 ft x 17 ft Trampoline  

Photo courtesy of Creative Playthings.  

9. Springfree Trampoline 

A little girl jumping on a Springfree Trampoline while her family watches. 

Price Range: $799-$3,999 

Cheapest Trampoline: Springfree Mini Round 6 ft Trampoline  

Most Expensive Trampoline: Springfree Jumbo Oval 12 ft x 19 ft Trampoline  

Photo courtesy of Springfree.  

How to Buy the Right Trampoline 

The cost of the trampoline is not everything. In fact, there are many other things to evaluate with trampolines before you even get to pricing if you want to ensure a successful purchase.  

We’ve come up with a list of the most important things to look for when buying a trampoline. They are:  

  • Safety Features – What specific trampoline safety features does this trampoline come with?    

  • Quality – Is this trampoline built with quality materials that ensure its longevity through childhood?    

  • Durability- Can this trampoline withstand years of jumping and weather conditions without breaking down?     

  • Warranty- What parts are included and how long is the trampoline's warranty?   

  • Design and Style – Does this trampoline look aesthetically pleasing in your backyard? Can you customize the trampoline?   

  • User Reviews – Does the trampoline have positive online reviews?      

  • Trampoline Cost - Is the trampoline within your budget and worth the investment?     

  • Other Important Factors- Bounce quality, trampoline weight limit, installation, customer service and trampoline accessories.   

What should you do with the considerations above? Choose which ones are most relevant to you and let those guide you toward your ideal trampoline.  

If trampoline safety is essential for you, then you will want to look at trampolines with an emphasis on safety (ex. Springfree Trampoline).

If getting the best price for a trampoline is what you desire, then you would look at brands that specialize in cheaper trampolines (ex. Skywalker, Jumpzylla, etc.) 

You should never settle for a backyard trampoline.

Buying the wrong trampoline can lead to wasted money, constant replacement part changes, or worse case, a trip to the emergency room.  

That’s why it’s essential to take your time when shopping for a trampoline and to consume the right resources to help get you to that final purchase.  

We’ve previously formulated objective, honest, lists of the best trampolines you can buy this year, covering various categories.

Check them out if you’re looking for authentic resources to help in your research process:  

Which Trampoline Brand Is Best for You?  

You’ve seen a lot of trampoline brands in this article, and if you’ve read the previous section, you understand just how crucial goal setting is for getting the right trampoline. 

The question now becomes: Which trampoline brand would best meet your goals? 

The brand of trampoline you purchase goes a long way toward determining what your experience could look like with a new trampoline.

Beyond the obvious factors—like cost, safety, quality and durability, warranty, service and customer care are also crucial elements that make up a good trampoline brand.  

All brands are unique in some way, and having spent decades as a trampoline manufacturer, combined with our insistence to stay on top of the latest trampoline trends, we’ve come up with a list of the best trampoline brands for this year. 

We ranked the list based on categories related to trampolines and chose a winner for each category. The winners were chosen from the following categories: 

  • Best Value 

  • Best Mid-Budget Choice 

  • Best Bounce  

  • Best Variety  

  • Best Premium  

Check it out: Top 5 Best Trampoline Brands (2023) | Expert Analysis  

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