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Should You Buy a Used Springfree Trampoline? | Pros & Cons 

Should you buy a used Springfree Trampoline? Read this article to learn more about the pros and cons from the experts at Springfree Trampoline!

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Should You Buy a Used Springfree Trampoline? | Pros & Cons 

If you see a used Springfree Trampoline for sale and are thinking about buying it, you need to read this article first.  

In some cases, a used Springfree Trampoline might be right for you. In others, though, it might be not only a waste of money, but could compromise the safety of your jumpers.  

We at Springfree Trampoline want to be upfront with you about buying one of our Trampolines used. There are multiple pros and cons to used trampolines, and Springfree’s are no different.  

You will see both sides of the argument today in a fully transparent and honest analysis of used Springfree Trampolines. After reading it, you will be well-equipped to make an educated decision on whether buying used is right for you.   

3 Pros to Buying a Used Springfree Trampoline 

Let’s begin with the good news about buying a used Springfree Trampoline: 

  1. Saves You Money

The most basic reason why you would buy a product used, for most people, is it’s cheaper than buying the product new.  

This is especially the case with new Springfree Trampolines, which cost anywhere from $799-$3,999 depending on which size you choose.  

You can find Springfree Trampolines on places like Facebook, eBay and Craigslist for a fraction of the cost. That lower upfront price is what makes buying used an appealing option for those that want a high-quality trampoline for a lesser price.  

  1. You’re Getting the Highest Quality Trampoline 

Assuming you buy a used Springfree Trampoline in fair condition, you’re still getting the highest quality and safest trampoline on the market.  

Springfree Trampolines are built to sustain, under reasonable use, for 10+ years: That means even if you buy a Springfree that has been used for four years, you can still expect it to last at least six more if the trampoline is being jumped on properly and is reasonably maintained.   

  1. May Come With Trampoline Accessories 

This won’t always be the case, but some sellers may also include trampoline accessories as a part of the used trampoline purchase.  

Common Springfree Trampoline Accessories include the FlexrHoop and the FlexrStep—which cost $199 and $99, respectively, if bought new. If you’re looking to have accessories included with your trampoline, it’s possible to get them as a package deal when you buy a used trampoline.   

A used Springfree Trampoline, courtesy of PicClick:

A used Springfree Trampoline.

4 Cons to Buying a Used Springfree Trampoline 

Now, to the bad news about used Springfree Trampolines: 

  1. Likely Comes With Wear and Tear 

The first con to buying a Springfree Trampoline used is…it’s been used.  

How much the trampoline has been used will vary: Looking online, there are some Springfree’s that have much more wear and tear than others.  

It’s best to assume that if you’re buying a used Springfree Trampoline, it will have some type of wear and tear on it. This could be anything from minor tears in the net or mat to a completely broken zipper.  

Springfree Trampolines are the sturdiest trampoline you can find, but just like almost any product, if it is used enough or not taken care of, wear and tear will occur. This could result in having to replace parts or a breakdown of the trampoline sooner than you had hoped for. If possible and safe, try to go see the trampoline in person before purchasing it. 

  1. Warranty Might be Limited/Non-Existent 

Speaking of wear and tear, you might do some research and see that we offer a 10-year trampoline warranty on all parts of the trampoline.  

This is true, but the warranty is only transferable if the original purchaser contacts us and provides the information of the second-hand purchaser within the first three years. In addition, the warranty does not cover general wear and tear. Springfree is currently the only trampoline brand to offer a transferable warranty.  

If you need a replacement net or mat upon receiving the used trampoline because of wear and tear, you will likely have to pay for the new part.  

  1. Must Transport and Install the Trampoline 

If you decide to buy a used or second-hand trampoline, you must make plans to get the trampoline and install it in your backyard. 

With Springfree Trampolines, this is more of a challenge than a traditional trampoline: Installing a Springfree Trampoline is no easy chore. It is doable though, if you have two people and follow instructions using a manual or the free BILT App that includes 3D instructions. 

You can have professional trampoline installers to complete the transportation and installation process, but this will be an additional cost, usually hundreds of dollars more.  

  1. Scam Risk 

Buying anything from a third-party is always a risk. If you’re purchasing a Springfree Trampoline from an unverified user on a re-sale website, the chances of getting scammed are always there

Make sure to do as much vetting as possible if you’re choosing to buy a Springfree Trampoline for sale from someone you don’t know.  

A new Springfree Trampoline:

A Springfree Compact Round Trampoline.

Should You Buy a Used Springfree Trampoline?  

You can make a case for and against buying a used trampoline. 

  • The case for buying a used trampoline: Saves money while still getting a high quality trampoline that may come with accessories. 

  • The case for not buying a used trampoline: Likely comes with wear and tear, may not last as long, limited warranty coverage, must plan for transportation/installation and the scam risk is increased.

We’re not going to make the decision for you, but from our expertise, buying a Springfree Trampoline used is risky. 

The trampoline may look good from the pictures, but it’s not uncommon for customers to get deceived into buying a second-hand trampoline only to find out later it had multiple problems that now have become your problems.  

Buying a Springfree Trampoline used might be a fit for you—especially if you’re looking to find a high-quality trampoline to use for a couple of years—but research carefully and set your expectations accordingly.   

How Else Can You Get a Springfree Trampoline? 

If you’re interested in buying a used Springfree Trampoline, you also should inform yourself of the other options you have to get a Springfree in your backyard.  

  • PURCHASE NEW: You can always purchase a Springfree Trampoline new directly from our website. Click this link to be taken to our “Trampolines Page!” 

  • PURCHASE VIA RETAILER: You may also go to a retailer, like Walmart or Amazon, and purchase from there.  

  • PURCHASE VIA DEALER: Some local backyard dealers will also sell our springless trampolines. Find out if a local Springfree dealer is in your area here. 

  • FINANCING: Trampoline financing is offered for all nine of our Springfree Trampolines models. If you want a new Springfree but don’t want to pay the full upfront cost, making month-to-month payments might be a good option for you. 

  • PROMOTIONS: You can also check our website for promotions to see if we’re running any discounts. We also periodically have contests that you can enter to win a Springfree Trampoline. 

The best way to stay informed on Springfree Trampoline’s promotions, contests and other important news is to sign up for our Springfree Newsletter.  

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