Springfree Trampoline Dealers: Everything You Need to Know

Unveiling the benefits of Springfree Trampoline dealers and where to find them. Dive into the article for expert insights! 

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Springfree Trampoline Dealers: Everything You Need to Know

There are multiple places you can buy a Springfree Trampoline, including local backyard dealers.   

Buying from a Springfree Trampoline dealer comes with a lot of benefits.   

What are these benefits? And where are Springfree dealers located?  

We’ve got all you need to know in this article! 

Banner image courtesy of Recreations Outlet, a Springfree Trampoline Dealer in Ohio.   

How Many Springfree Trampoline Dealers Are There?  

Springfree Trampolines dealers are located throughout the United States. See the map below for a visual of Springfree Trampoline dealer locations:  

Pins on a virtual map, representing the Springfree Trampoline dealer locations in the US.

(You can check out this interactive map on our Springfree Trampoline Store Locator Page!) 

There are around 50 backyard dealers that sell Springfree Trampolines, and around 200 storefronts.   

These dealers will not only sell Springfree Trampolines but also other types of backyard equipment.   

This includes playsets, swing sets, basketball goals, play surfaces and more.  

Our sister brand, gobaplay, will soon have swing sets, climbing domes and other playground equipment sold at backyard dealers.   

The Benefits of Buying From Springfree Trampoline Dealers  

As mentioned in the introduction, you get a lot of benefits when purchasing from a local dealer.   

These include:   

  • You are supporting local businesses. 
  • You get to put your hands on the product before purchasing. Most dealers will have multiple trampolines on display. 
  • No shipping costs.  
  • They typically sell all Springfree trampoline sizes. 
  • They have dedicated teams with tons of Springfree product experience, including servicing, delivery and installation. (Reach out beforehand to ensure your Springfree Trampoline dealer location offers these services.) 
  • On Springfree Trampolines, they will carry out the same 10-year warranty process. 

Five Springfree Trampolines displayed at a storefront. 

Photo courtesy of Rainbow Play Systems, a Springfree Trampoline Dealer in Minnesota.  

The only potential con to buying from a local dealer is you may live in an area that requires a longer drive if you are wanting to see the product or pick it up when purchasing.  

Particularly in the Northwest/West Regions, there are not as many Springfree dealers.   

We recommend calling the nearest dealer before visiting to see if they:   

1. Have a Trampoline on display (most will). 

2. Have the size you’re looking for in stock. If not, they will likely order it for you. 

3. Offer delivery and installation. Springfree Trampoline assembly can be difficult for some. Professional installation could be worth it if you’re concerned about the installation process.  

Springfree Trampolines with Christmas lights on display in front of a store at night.

Photo courtesy of American Sale, a Springfree Trampoline Dealer in Illinois. 

Most dealers will also have websites, so do a quick Google search to check out the nearest dealers’ website!  

Are you interested in becoming a Springfree Trampoline Dealer? Fill out our Springfree Trampoline Reseller Application and we’ll be in touch with you shortly! 

How Do Dealers Differ on Pricing and Promotions? 

Since Springfree Trampolines cost more than the average trampoline, you might be wondering about dealer pricing and promotions.  

Pricing will vary depending on the dealer.  

They might align with different promotions that we run on our website throughout the year. However, this is not guaranteed.   

Dealers may also run their own promotions. It’s best to check your local dealers’ website or contact them directly for more information. 

A Springfree Trampoline displayed outside next to a climbing dome and yellow chairs. 

Photo courtesy of Marin Backyard, a Springfree Trampoline Dealer in California.  

See If a Springfree Trampoline Dealer Is Near Your Area 

Buying from a Springfree Trampoline dealer can yield many benefits.  

It allows you to get a hands-on experience with the product before purchasing from people who have noted expertise with Springfree Trampolines.   

If you’re interested in purchasing from a local dealer, check out our Dealer Locations to find one near you! 

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