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Jumping Into Conversation Episode 3 - Dr. Randy Knipping

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Jumping Into Conversation Episode 3 - Dr. Randy Knipping

Dr. Randy Knipping has a special interest in lifestyle & preventive medicine and the cellular basis of ageing through evidence based functional & integrative medicine. 

Dr. Randy Knipping obtained his BSc (summa cum laude) from McMaster in 1981, and has published original research in neuroendocrinology. He completed his MD training at the University of Toronto in 1985 graduating with the highest academic standing in the final year. He has completed post graduate training in Family Medicine (CCFP), Emergency Medicine, Behavioural Psychology, Mindfulness, Aerospace Medicine and Integrative Medicine.

Springfree Founder, Steve Holmes and other Springfree colleagues had the opportunity to participate in a conversation and meditation with Randy. This conversation emphasizes the importance of stress reduction, sleep, fitness and nutrition; especially during these unique times.

Randy chats about being a young boy playing ice hockey in Calgary and also being kind of an odd ball. As a 12-year-old kid, Randy read a book that talked of meditation. Randy began pretending to meditate by following the breath and practiced in his closet.

“Meditation. I thought no one in the world was doing this, it’s in a history book, it’s in the past. Then I went to university, met a couple of meditation grad students, I received 10-years of training with two Tibetan masters and that’s how it began and evolved for me.”

What is his approach to medicine? How did it form?

“Before medical school I was a cell biologist. It was in medical school that I got very interested in preventive medicine. 80% of all the disease we see are preventable and the key realization for me was stress. Behavioral medicine, which is a subset of psychology, is all about the difference between knowing something and doing something. People do not know what stress is and how to master stress. Stress is such a fundamental driver of lifestyle behaviors that lead to a lot of the health problems I see. That’s what really got me started on the journey of preventative medicine.”

In this conversation, Steve and Randy discuss how people try & cope with stress, stress related to COVID, and Randy explains and gives examples of how adults, parents & their children can learn to master their stress.

If you’d like to jump straight into the meditation demonstration, jump to the 42-minute mark in the video at the top of the page, for the 10-minute meditation. 

From everyone at Springfree Trampoline, we'd like to thank Dr. Randy Knipping for a wonderful hour of conversation and insights. 

"Enjoy the fullness and richness of every moment of your precious human life." - Dr. Randy Knipping 


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