Jumping Into Conversation Episode 2 ‚ The Weight We Carry

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Jumping Into Conversation Episode 2 ‚ The Weight We Carry

Kyle Roberts and Tom Schellenberg have both been exposed to and influenced by the importance of mental health throughout their lives and believe that it is the single most important aspect of a fulfilling life. These brothers truly believe that anything is possible when partnered with a relentless passion.

The 2020 official documentary, One Step At A Time, captures the story of The Weight We Carry's Kyle and Tom as they portaged canoes, over 200km and 20 days, in the Himalayan Mountains to raise money for KOSHISH Nepal. 100% of the money raised has gone directly to support KOSHISH Nepal in building a Women's Mental Health Transit Centre in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Springfree had a conversation with Kyle and Tom and also surprise guest, the founder of KOSHISH Matrika Devkota.

Check out the full conversation at the top of this page. Enjoy!

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Donate to The Weight We Carry 

The Weight We Carry and KOSHISH Nepal are working together to build a Women’s Mental Health Transit Centre in Kathmandu, Nepal. At this centre Nepalese women experiencing the negative impacts of mental illness and other psychological issues will receive Short-term Emergency Care and Professional Mental Health Support.

The centre will provide a safe and respectful space for women to recover at their own pace with a general stay of 3 months until they are assisted in reintegration with their family or community.

When you support The Weight We Carry your donation goes directly to the construction of the Women's Mental Health Transit Centre for KOSHISH Nepal.

The Weight We Carry is a federally recognized Not-For-Profit in Canada (NFP Corporation # 1024289-6). Please note that The Weight We Carry is not yet a registered charity. We recommend that you investigate how this relates to tax emptions in your country. Please contact your local tax authority should you require any additional information.

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