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Is a 12 ft Trampoline Big Enough? | Expert Analysis

Is a 12 ft trampoline big enough for your family? Solve your trampoline sizing dilemma with expert guidance and shop confidently for your next trampoline.

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Is a 12 ft Trampoline Big Enough? | Expert Analysis

Is a 12 ft trampoline big enough for your bounce?   

We’ve helped thousands of families answer this very question during our decades in the trampoline industry. Today, we at Springfree Trampoline are going to use that same logic to assist you on your trampoline-buying journey.    

The size of the trampoline you buy might be the most important decision you make for a successful trampoline purchase. Needless to say, you’re going to want to read on.  

Understanding the Importance of Trampoline Sizes 

We spoiled it in the intro, but the size of a trampoline is arguably the most consequential decision in buying the best trampoline for your family.   

So before answering, “Is a 12 ft trampoline big enough?” you must first understand why a trampoline’s size is so important.   

There are five key elements to a trampoline’s size:  

#1: Can the trampoline fit safely in your backyard?   

Insight: Find a level area that has 3-5 ft of clearance space around the trampoline. Stay away from slopes.  

#2: Is the trampoline big enough for your kids?  

Insight: Not just your kids’ current size, but also their future growth. Have a “grow into, not out of” mindset! 

#3: Will your kids be under the trampoline’s weight limit (now and in the future?) 

Insight: There are two trampoline weight limits: The single jumper weight limit and the maximum structural weight. Make sure to note both before buying a trampoline.  

#4: Does the trampoline have enough jumping space?  

Insight: Important for athletes/gymnasts! Keep in mind that the springs on traditional trampolines take up around 2 ft of jumping space. So, a 12 ft spring trampoline = roughly 10 ft of jumping room.  

#5: What shape of trampoline fits in your yard the best? 

Insight: Round, rectangle, square or oval? Find which shape fits your backyard. Note that rectangle and square trampolines maximize jumping space.  

A 12 ft Springfree Trampoline: 

A girl jumping on a Springfree Trampoline with lights around it in the evening.

5 Pros to Consider for 12 ft Trampolines   

Let’s now run through the main pros of buying a 12 ft trampoline:   

1. Good Bouncing Space: A 12 ft trampoline can provide a spacious jumping area. If you’re looking to maximize jumping room on a 12 ft trampoline, a springless trampoline is a better option the springs on traditional trampolines take up valuable room.  

A 12 ft spring trampoline: 

A girl jumping on a spring trampoline. 

2. Versatile for All Ages: A 12 ft trampoline is suitable for both children and adults. Its size strikes a balance, offering plenty of room for younger bouncers while giving teenagers and grown-ups a chance to channel their inner child.  

3. Can Fit in Most Backyards: Think of a 12 ft trampoline as a happy medium: It’s small enough for narrow yards but large enough to be a prominent backyard feature in larger yards. However, the shape of the trampoline you buy will affect this.  

4. Great for Active Play: If you’re looking for various activities to do besides simple bouncing, a 12 ft trampoline could be a great option. These activities include playing trampoline games or engaging in low-impact trampoline exercises. 

5. Variety of Models: There's a wide range of 12 ft trampoline models available, including from major trampoline brands like Springfree, Skywalker and JumpSport.  

5 Cons to Consider for 12 ft Trampolines   

Let’s flip it over and cover the main cons of 12 ft trampolines:  

1. Trampoline Cost: 12 ft trampolines are often more expensive than smaller ones. You can find cheap 12 ft trampolines but the potential maintenance and replacement parts can be costly.   

2. Safety Concerns: Although 12 ft trampolines are generally designed with trampoline safety features, the risk of injuries is still present. Users (especially children) must be supervised, and safe jumping rules should be strictly followed.

3. Weight Limitations: Most 12 ft trampolines have trampoline weight limits, and these limits may be lower than those of bigger trampolines.   

4. Installation Challenges: Setting up a 12 ft trampoline can be more difficult than smaller trampolines. Proper assembly is essential for safety, and it might require more effort or hiring professionals to install it for you.   

5. Transportation and Storage: Moving a 12 ft trampoline can be challenging. It might not be easily disassembled or relocated, which could be an issue for those who plan to move or have limited space in their yard.  

What Are the Best 12 ft Trampolines?  

We’ve previously put together the best 12 ft trampolines you can buy this year (read our “Best 12 ft Trampolines” List to see the full list).  They are in order from least expensive to most expensive:  

1. Skywalker 12 ft Round Trampoline  - Good cheap option but won’t last past 1-3 years without maintenance.  

2. Jumpflex 12 ft Round Trampoline – For those with mid-budgets. The low trampoline weight limit must be considered.  

3. ACON Air 12 ft Round Trampoline – Higher-end trampoline with a solid bounce. Springs are located inside the net – a HUGE safety concern.  

4. JumpSport AlleyOOP 12 ft Round Trampoline – BEST spring 12 ft trampoline. Springs are located inside the net and the metal poles are linear – an injury hazard for wayward jumpers.  

5. Springfree Large Square Trampoline  - BEST overall 12 ft trampoline. Safest, highest-quality and longest-lasting trampoline, but it’s also the most expensive and can be complicated to assemble.   

Reviews of a 12 ft Trampoline 

We’ve given you our expert insight, but sometimes, it’s best to hear from the customers themselves.   

Here are some recent reviews of our Springfree Large Square Trampoline, which is technically 11 ft x 11 ft but has the equivalent jumping space of a 13 ft spring trampoline: 

Springfree Trampoline reviews. 

Springfree Trampoline reviews.

Check out the Springfree Large Square Trampoline! 

FAQ: Is a 12 ft Trampoline Big Enough? 

We’ve covered a lot of ground in this article, but you may have a few additional questions before making a final decision on a 12 ft trampoline.   

1. Is a 12 ft Trampoline Big Enough for Adults?  

Most 12 ft trampolines will be big enough for adults. However, this fully depends on the weight of the jumper and which trampoline model you buy. 12 ft trampoline weight limits can range from 198-300+ pounds.   

2. Is a 12 ft Trampoline Big Enough for 3 Kids?  

It’s likely that a 12 ft trampoline will not be big enough for 3 kids. We strongly advise that you follow a “One-Jumper-at-a-Time” Rule. 75% of trampoline injuries occur with multiple people on the trampoline! 

3. How Many Kids Does a 12-Foot Trampoline Fit?  

Most 12-foot trampolines can fit 1-2 kids at a time. Again, though, we recommend that you follow the “One-Jumper-at-a-Time” Rule for safety.   

4. Is a 12 ft Trampoline Big Enough for Flips? 

A 12 ft trampoline should be big enough for flips for most users. However, we recommend taking professional gymnastics classes if you want to do flips and tricks on the trampoline. 

Flips can cause users to land awkwardly and may result in serious injury. Unless you’re professionally trained, we advise that you stay away from flips.   

5. What Age Is a 12 ft Trampoline for?   

The best age for a 12 ft trampoline will be 11-17 years old. But this also depends on the size of your jumpers and the type of trampoline you’re talking about.   

6. What Is the Most Popular Size of Trampoline?  

The most popular size of trampoline is likely either the 12 ft or 14 ft trampoline. However, this depends on individual preferences and could also vary by region.   

What Does a 12 ft Trampoline Look Like in Your Yard?   

So, is a 12 ft trampoline big enough for your jumpers?   

Our expert analysis should have been able to answer many of your pressing questions about 12 ft trampolines. But if you’re still on the fence, we’ve got a tool that can be a difference-maker for you. 

We offer a free Augmented Reality Tool that will allow you to virtually place a Springfree Trampoline in your backyard to see what it looks like before committing. Simply follow these three steps to see a 12 ft trampoline in your yard:    

1. Visit Springfree Trampoline’s website on your phone.  

2. Select the Large Square Trampoline and tap the AR icon.  

3. Use your phone to view, adjust, and screenshot the 12 ft trampoline in your yard.   

You can also use our Model Comparison Tool to quickly compare two trampolines:  

Comparing two Springfree Trampolines. 

Happy shopping! 

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