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How to Clean a Trampoline (Steps + Expert Tips)  

We will be using our expertise as a pioneer in the trampoline industry to provide you with exact steps and tips on how to clean a trampoline so it will last!

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How to Clean a Trampoline (Steps + Expert Tips)  

Is your trampoline covered in leaves and debris? Is the mat beginning to turn your skin black? Has moss or sap begun to accumulate?   

Almost every trampoline owner has experienced one of the many cleanliness-related issues that can occur on an outdoor trampoline. 

So, the question then becomes, what do you do about it? How do you properly clean a trampoline? 

The answer is more important than you may think: Improperly cleaning your trampoline can lead to permanent damage to the product, which could create a safety hazard for your child.  

We at Springfree Trampoline know, as a family-oriented organization, that you want to have the safest product possible for your child, and cleaning your trampoline is a key factor in achieving this goal.  

It also makes your trampoline nice, shiny and ready to show off whenever it’s your turn to host the sleepovers.  

We will be using our expertise as a pioneer and innovator in the trampoline industry to provide you with steps and tips on how to correctly clean your trampoline. 

These steps and tips will be broad enough to apply to any outdoor trampoline, regardless of what brand or type of trampoline you have. 

Why Should You Clean Your Trampoline? 

Before going over the steps on how to clean a trampoline, let’s briefly touch on why it’s essential to clean your trampoline on a regular basis: 

  • Mat deterioration or wear-and-tear could increase the chances of the trampoline bottoming out. 

  • Debris on the trampoline could lead to potential injury (like splinters).   

  • The trampoline frame or springs could start to rust if not cleaned, which weakens the product and reduces its product lifespan. 

  • Cleaning prevents stains on the trampoline from becoming permanent. 

  • A dirty trampoline can diminish the aesthetic of your yard.  

The Big Picture: Regularly cleaning your trampoline increases your chances of making the product last throughout your kids’ childhood. It also helps ensure that you won’t have to go spend money on another trampoline or replacement parts because the old one broke due to maintenance issues. 

4 Steps on How to Clean a Trampoline 

You now understand the importance of cleaning a trampoline, but what is the proper way to clean one? 

While there are different elements of a trampoline, such as the frame, springs or mat rods, you will likely have to clean the trampoline mat most often. 

Most trampoline mats are made from black polypropylene material, so these steps should be applicable to almost all trampolines. Follow these four steps to clean your trampoline mat safely and efficiently:  

  1. Sweep off any debris that is on the trampoline with a broom.  

  2. Now, spray the trampoline with clean water—you can use either a hose or fill up a bucket with lukewarm water.   

  3. Now start scrubbing! Use a sponge or soft-bristled brush with either soap or a mild detergent. DO NOT use strong chemicals to clean your trampoline, as they can be harmful to the trampoline material.   

  4. Use a towel to dry the mat—gently patting it to remove the moisture. You can then let it air dry out in the sun. 

Some cleanliness issues, like the build-up of moss, mold or lichen, may require more extensive cleaning.  

If you have questions about whether you can use a certain cleaning product on a trampoline, contact the manufacturer of your trampoline before using it so you don’t damage the product with a cleaning substance. 

Using the steps above, though, should keep your mat in good shape for the long haul. But there are still a few things you need to keep in mind when cleaning a trampoline. Let’s cover these in the next section: 

Two kids cleaning a trampoline with soap and water while their mom watches in the background 

10 Tips on How to Clean a Trampoline 

Here are some tips to note while cleaning your trampoline: 

Tip #1: This bears repeating: Soap and water are usually enough! At most, use mild detergent on your trampoline, NO strong chemicals.  

Tip #2: If you have a trampoline with springs, make sure to clean the springs while using the soap and water when cleaning the mat. Same with the mat rods on springless trampolines. Tip Within a Tip: If you notice that the springs are starting to squeak while jumping, apply some grease or spray lubricant to them. 

Tip #3: Take extra care of your trampoline if you’re in a snowy area (here are some winter trampoline maintenance tips!

Tip #4: Use a rust protection spray on areas susceptible to rust—like the frame, springs or ladder.  

Tip #5: If your trampoline is constantly left out in the sun, consider purchasing a trampoline sunshade to protect the mat from ultraviolet (UV) damage.  

Tip #6: Strategically place your trampoline in your yard, if possible. For example: Don’t put the trampoline directly under a tree during fall.  

Tip #7: Don’t leave clear plastic balls on the trampoline, as the rays from the sun can be magnified through the clear plastic and burn holes into the mat.  

Tip #8: Consider putting a trampoline cover over the trampoline when not in use if you have one to to help prevent it from getting dirty or damaged. 

Tip #9: Never use sharp objects or tools to clean the trampoline. 

Tip #10: In addition to cleaning, conduct a health check on your trampoline every now and then, checking for holes in the net, rust marks on the frame and ensuring that net rods and mat rods are intact. 

For more information about maintaining your trampoline, check out our “Care and Maintenance” page.  

How Often Should You Clean Your Trampoline? 

So, we’ve gone over the steps you can take to clean a trampoline and offered 10 tips to be mindful of as you clean your trampoline. 

However, there’s one more critical question to answer about cleaning a trampoline: How often should you do it? 

The answer can vary depending on the environment; for instance, somebody that lives in Minnesota may have to clean their trampoline more frequently than somebody that lives in California.  

But typically, you shouldn’t have to clean your trampoline with soap and water more than once or twice a month. 

It would be helpful to keep a shovel or broom close by, however, to quickly clean off debris that can collect on your trampoline on any given day. 

Have Any Questions About Cleaning a Trampoline? 

While you may not think that cleaning your trampoline is a big deal, it can become one if you neglect basic trampoline cleaning practices for too long. 

Don’t wait until your kids’ feet are black from the trampoline or rust is starting to build on your trampoline’s frame. 

Cleaning your trampoline with soap and water, even just once a month, can help ensure that your kids are jumping on the trampoline for the rest of their childhood—and that your trampoline is the shiniest in the neighborhood! 

Our goal here at Springfree Trampoline is to provide you with the information you need to get the most out of your trampoline. If you’re having issues with your current trampoline, we’re here to help. 

Reach out to us if you have any questions about cleaning your Springfree trampoline or need assistance with any other trampoline-related issue and one of our team members will get back to you shortly.  

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