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Can Multiple People Jump on a Trampoline? | What Experts Say

Discover the safety limits of bouncing fun. Can multiple people jump on a trampoline? Our trampoline safety experts reveal the crucial facts! 

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Can Multiple People Jump on a Trampoline? | What Experts Say

Many associate childhood memories with trampolines and their friends. But can multiple people jump on a trampoline at the same time?  

That is the question we as trampoline safety experts will cover today.   

The answer to this often-asked question might be the MOST important to your child’s safety on a trampoline.    

How Many People Can Jump on a Trampoline at Once?   

You are free to allow as many kids as you want to jump on a trampoline at a time.   

No law says multiple people can’t jump on a trampoline simultaneously. It is YOUR decision.   

However, we would highly caution against multiple people jumping on a trampoline at once.    

According to a study by the World Journal of Pediatrics, 75% of trampoline injuries occurred with multiple children jumping at the same time. 286 patients were included in the study.   

An astonishing 90% of fractures out of 104 patients evaluated in the study occurred with multiple people jumping.   

That’s why one of our essential trampoline safety rules is “One Jumper At a Time.”  

You are putting yourself at an increased risk of injury if you jump with others. We’ll explain why.  

The Risks of Jumping on a Trampoline With Others  

There are three main reasons why jumping on a trampoline with multiple people can be dangerous:   

1. Uneven Weight Distribution 

Different users have varying weights and jumping styles, leading to uneven stress on the trampoline's mat, springs (or rods), and frame.   

This can compromise the structural integrity of the trampoline and increase the risk of damage or failure.  

Jumping on a damaged or low-quality trampoline is a red flag for safety.   

All trampolines have weight limits. The more weight you place on the trampoline, the more of a chance it bottoms out (i.e. mat breaks).  See the graphic below: 

A graphic demonstrating a person falling to the ground on a trampoline.  

2. Collision Risks 

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, colliding with another person is one of the four main causes of injury on a trampoline.  

This can result in sprains, strains, or more severe accidents if individuals collide in mid-air.  

3. Reduced Control  

With multiple people on the trampoline, it becomes challenging for each user to maintain control of their movements.  

Especially if those movements are acrobatic maneuvers, like flips and stunts. This lack of control can lead to awkward landings, increasing the risk of injury.  

Expert Trampoline Safety Rules to Follow  

There’s a reason why kids love trampolines. They are a fun and timeless way of burning off all that adolescent energy!  

Trampolines are safe if you use them properly (although not all trampolines are created equal when it comes to safety, a story for another day).   

We typically recommend 10 trampoline safety rules to implement for your household:  

  • One jumper at a time. Always. 
  • No flipping or stunts unless professionally trained.  
  • No roughhousing. 
  • No pets.  
  • Inspect and clean your trampoline periodically. 
  • Supervise young children at all times.  
  • Never go underneath the trampoline.  
  • Jump in the center of the mat (the safest part). 
  • Enter/exit safely – we recommend using a trampoline ladder. 
  • Set expectations for your kids that these rules are to be followed to use the trampoline. 

Following these rules and investing in a high-quality trampoline will significantly decrease your chances of suffering a trampoline injury. 

FAQ: Can Multiple People Jump on a Trampoline? 

While multiple people can jump on a trampoline at the same time, you shouldn’t do it if you want to be as safe as possible.   

Beyond this question, we’ve received many other inquiries about how many people can jump, who can jump on a trampoline, etc.   

We will use this article to answer other common questions related to jumpers and trampolines. 

1. How Many Kids Can Jump on a Trampoline at a Time?  

The number of kids that can safely jump on a trampoline depends on its size and weight capacity.

However, we always recommend only one jumper on the trampoline at a time. Most trampoline injuries occur with multiple people jumping simultaneously.  

2. How Many Adults Can Go on a Trampoline?  

Adults should be cautious and follow a one-jumper-at-a-time rule when using a trampoline.

Adults are generally heavier than children and have a greater chance of damaging the trampoline if multiple people are jumping.  

3. Can a 300-pound Person Jump on a Trampoline? 

Yes, a 300-pound person (or more) can jump on a trampoline if they don’t exceed the trampoline’s single-user weight limit.  

Manufacturers vary on weight limits. Make sure to find one that can safely accommodate your weight before purchasing.   

4. How Much Weight Do Trampolines Hold?   

How much weight a trampoline holds can vary widely based on the size of the trampoline. Some trampolines can hold up to 1500+ pounds, while others may only be able to hold 150-200 pounds of total weight.   

5. What Happens If You Exceed the Weight Limit on a Trampoline?  

Exceeding the weight limit on a trampoline can lead to structural damage, including stretched springs, a damaged frame, or a torn mat.   

This compromises the trampoline's safety, increasing the risk of injuries. Always adhere to the specified weight limits to ensure safe use! 

Safe Trampolines Games to Play  

You might be wondering: “If multiple people can’t jump on a trampoline safely, how can my kid have fun with their siblings/friends?”  

Believe it or not, there’s a lot you can do to have fun on a trampoline without having multiple people jumping.   

These include:   

  • Dunk contests 
  • Dance contests  
  • Balance test 
  • Chalk games 
  • Building a fort 

You would be surprised at how much fun you can have on a trampoline while still being safe.  

Check out our 16 Best Trampoline Games for some inspiration!  

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