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Trampoline Injury Research

Significant research has been conducted into the safety issues posed by spring-based trampolines.

We continuously update our database with new research on trampoline injury prevention and safety standards. See reports below.

Paper Summary
Survey of injury sources for a trampoline with equipment hazards designed out This research indicates that the more severe proportion of injuries on traditional trampolines can be significantly reduced with appropriate trampoline design.
Effectiveness of pads and enclosures as safety interventions on consumer trampolines The research indicates there has not been a decline in trampoline injuries since the introduction of pads and enclosures on consumer trampolines and they are therefore not effective.
Impact of Updated Australian Trampoline Standard The Chair of the Australian Standards Committee for Trampolines explains the Australian Trampoline Standard,  noting important points for consumers.
Emergency Department Visits for Pediatric Trampoline-related Injuries: An Update ED visits for trampoline-related injuries in 2000–2005 increased in frequency by 113% over the number of visits for 1990–1995. Trampoline use at home continues to be a significant source of childhood injury morbidity.
Child injury due to falls from playground equipment, Australia
This report breaks down the cause of injury in playground equipment. Trampolines are shown to be the cause of 23% of all reported injuries.
Trampoline Injuries This study deals with the risk of trampoline injuries, concluding the traditional trampoline is a dangerous toy, with high number of injuries caused by falling onto springs and frame, or off the trampoline . The study clearly shows how dangerous trampolines are, and that injury risk information that should be taken seriously
Injuries to Children in the United States Related to Trampolines, 1990-1995: A National Epidemic The rapid increase in the number of trampoline related injuries to children during recent years is evidence that current prevention strategies are inadequate. Children should not use trampolines at home, and the sale of trampolines for private recreational use should be stopped.
Too Many Paediatric Trampoline Injuries This report concludes paediatric trampoline injuries have reached epidemic levels. The authors call for a ban of private trampoline use by children (the definition of a trampoline having a steel frame at the jumping surface, and using springs)