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Which Custom Springfree Trampoline Is Right For You

Thinking about buying a custom trampoline? Get answers to important questions such as size, shape, colors and cost when you shop at Springfree Trampoline.

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Which Custom Springfree Trampoline Is Right For You

Thinking about buying a custom trampoline for your family? If so, you might have questions like these: 

  1. What size and shape will best suit my yard?  

  2. Which colors do I choose?  

  3. How can I personalize the trampoline beyond just color?   

  4. How much does a custom trampoline cost and how do I purchase one?  

At Springfree Trampoline, we take great pride in being the only trampoline brand to offer full customization for consumers that want that to make their trampoline uniquely their own.  

To help answer the questions above, we’re going to be going over the specific trampolines from our catalog that you can customize. We will also go over what colors you can choose from, how else you can personalize your trampoline and the cost of customization + how to purchase. 

After reading this, you should feel knowledgeable enough to make an educated decision on whether a custom trampoline is right for you and which one fits your backyard the best.  

Choosing the Right Trampoline to Customize  

Since our springless trampolines have proven to be the safest and highest-quality trampoline on the market (backed by independent research), you will be getting the best of the best no matter which model you choose. Some of these noted features include: 

  • A springless design that uses flexible composite rods instead of springs to eliminate pinch points. 

  • The FlexiNet, which cushions jumpers and helps prevent the number one cause of trampoline injuries—falling off the trampoline. 

  • A hidden frame that lies beneath the jumping surface and has three layers of rust protection. 

  • Enclosure rods that replace the need for hard metal poles, which can cause impact-related injuries.  

  • A SoftEdge mat that is 30 times more absorbent than safety pads and eliminated hard edges around the jumping surface. 

All of this means that choosing which size and shape of your model comes down to personal preference and the size of your backyard. 

Making sure the trampoline fits in your backyard is usually the first thing you must cross off the list before purchasing a trampoline. There are actually seven things you need to cross off before you can safely say you’re purchasing the right trampoline.  

Check out our article dissecting all of the main factors to consider when purchasing a trampoline to make sure you’re covering all your bases before pressing the “Buy” button.   

We currently offer four trampoline models you can customize:  

Springfree Trampoline promo graphic with text 

4 Springfree Trampolines You Can Customize 

Here are the four current Springfree models that you can customize:

1. Springfree Jumbo Square  Trampoline 

Description: The Jumbo Square Trampoline is currently the largest trampoline you can customize from our catalog. Although it is 13 ft x 13 ft in size, its jumping mat is the equivalent of a 15 ft spring-based trampoline due to its springless design. 

Size: 13 ft x 13 ft  

Bouncing Area: 155 ft²  

Cost: $2,499 (plus $199 customization fee) 

Springfree Jumbo Square Trampoline.

2. Springfree Large Square Trampoline 

Description: Next up is the 11ft x 11ft Large Square Trampoline that is a popular choice for many families. The unique square-with-rounded-corners shape maximizes jumping space (equivalent to a 13 ft spring-based trampoline). 

Size: 11 ft x 11 ft  

Bouncing Area: 113 ft²  

Cost: $1,999 (plus $199 customization fee) 

Springfree Large Square Trampoline.

3. Springfree Large Oval  Trampoline 

Description: The 8ft x 13ft Large Oval Trampoline is the biggest oval size within the Springfree Trampoline lineup that can currently be customized. It provides kids with enough space for perfecting their trampoline jumps while also being able to serve as a workout platform for adults. 

Size: 8 ft x 13 ft  

Bouncing Area: 92 ft²  

Cost: $1,799 (plus $199 customization fee) 

Springfree Large Oval Trampoline.

4. Springfree Medium Oval Trampoline 

Description: The Medium Oval has been designed to be customized for backyards that are long and narrow! It’s a great fit for active jumpers or aspiring trampolining enthusiasts.  

Size:  8 ft x 11 ft  

Bouncing Area:  77 ft²  

Cost: $1,599 (plus $199 customization fee) 

Springfree Medium Oval Trampoline

Choosing the Right Colors for Your Trampoline 

Choosing the right trampoline for your backyard is the first step, but now you need to figure out which colors you want to include with your custom trampoline. 

We currently offer seven different colors to choose from: Black, gunmetal, white, red, green, blue and pink. 

You can color customize the frame, the legs, the mat rods and net rods.  There are many variations you can choose from, so if you have a favorite theme, sports team or color, you will be able to customize it to your liking! 

See the graphics below for examples of what a custom trampoline could look like:  

A Springfree custom trampoline designed with pink, blue, red and green colors 

A Springfree custom trampoline designed with blue and red colors

Customizing the Trampoline Beyond Color 

While customizing the color of a trampoline is a major aspect of the customization process, it is not the only way to put your unique touch on it. 

You can also add a personalized nametag (2 lines, up to 14 characters) to make it feel even more personal. You can choose any name you want for the nametag—family names, team names, nicknames—as long as it’s within the character count. Five different font colors are offered: Blue, pink, red, white/black, or yellow.  

The graphics below will show examples of personalized nametags if you want to get some ideas for what you would want to name your custom trampoline:  

A collage of four photos spotlighting the Springfree custom nametags 

How Much Does a Custom Trampoline Cost? 

The cost of a custom trampoline will vary depending on which model you choose. We listed the cost of the four customizable models previously, but in case you missed it, here are the base costs of each trampoline:  

  • Jumbo Square Trampoline-$2,499 

  • Large Square Trampoline- $1,999 

  • Large Oval Trampoline- $1,799 

  • Medium Oval Trampoline- $1,599 

Note: There is an additional $199 customization fee applied at checkout. Make sure to take that into consideration when assessing the cost of the trampoline.  

For more information on pricing, check out our article where we thoroughly explain the factors that go into the total cost of a trampoline.  

How Do You Purchase a Custom Trampoline?  

A custom trampoline is a great addition for families that want to express their uniqueness or stand out from the pack.  

We are the only current trampoline brand to offer advanced customization on trampolines, so if you’re looking to purchase one, you are in the right place: 

What’s the process for purchasing a custom trampoline? It only takes four steps that can be done on our website and is completely controlled by you using our easy customizer tool. Here’s how it works: 

  1. Select the trampoline you want to customize   

  2. Pick your desired colors for the legs, frame, mat rods and enclosure rods  

  3. Personalize your name tag to your liking 

  4. Add to cart and checkout! 

You can complete your custom trampoline purchase through our website, where you will be able to see what the model looks like before buying. 

Need any more help with the customization process? 

You can contact our Customer Care Team and they will work with you to recommend the best custom trampoline for you and answer any questions you might have throughout the process.

Customer Care is available by phone at +1 (877) 586-7723 or through our live chat feature on our website (bottom right corner of the site). 

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