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When Is the Best Time to Buy a Trampoline? | Key Dates to Know!

Your ultimate guide to the perfect trampoline purchase awaits. Discover when to buy, where to find the best deals, and how to choose the right fit! 

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When Is the Best Time to Buy a Trampoline? | Key Dates to Know!

When it comes to the best time to buy a trampoline, timing is key.   

Understanding the optimal time to buy a trampoline can lead to significant benefits, including cost savings.  

We will use our expertise at Springfree Trampoline to explore the strategic aspects of trampoline shopping. We will cover:  

  • The best times of the year to buy a trampoline. 
  • Tips for finding the best deals. 
  • How to ensure you buy the right trampoline (not just the cheapest trampoline).  

The Best Time of Year to Buy a Trampoline  

The following are the best times of the year to buy a trampoline:  

  • Early Spring – This would be the best time to buy when preparing for the summer. Some brands and retailers will offer spring discounts on trampolines.   
  • Black Friday/Cyber Monday – Like many products, trampolines go on sale during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Some places will offer early Black Friday sales, so check for deals early! 
  • Holiday Season – Some trampolines might be discounted throughout the Holiday Season. Tip: If you’re buying for Christmas – buy EARLY. Delivery times could be longer around the Holidays due to increased demand.  

Buying a trampoline during the times above will give you the best chance of finding a trampoline on sale. The truth is, though, many people don’t get the best trampoline deal – even if they buy during the right season.  

Read on and we’ll explain how to get the most “bang for your bounce.”  

Here’s How to Find the Best Trampoline for You  

First things first, you need to know what your goals are with a trampoline. We’ve crafted the list below to help you narrow down what to look for when doing your research:    

  • Safety Features – What specific trampoline safety features does this trampoline come with?      
  • Trampoline Quality – Is this trampoline built with quality materials that ensure its longevity through childhood?     
  • Durability- Can this trampoline last under years of jumping and weather conditions without breaking down?      
  • Trampoline Size – Does the trampoline’s size fit in your backyard? Will your kids grow out of it quickly?  

Tip: Have a “grow into” mindset with your trampoline. Your children will grow before you know it, and you don’t want to go buy a new trampoline after you just bought one!  

  • Warranty- What parts are included and how long is the trampoline’s warranty?      
  • Design and Style – Does this trampoline look aesthetically pleasing in your backyard? Can you customize it?     
  • User Reviews – Does this trampoline have positive online reviews?        
  • Trampoline Cost– Is this trampoline within your budget and worth the investment?       
  • Other Important Factors- Trampoline weight limits, installation, customer service and accessories/upgrades.     

*Your Objective: Go through this list and rank which features are most important to you. Everybody will have different goals, but our recommendation is to consider these factors in order (they are expertly crafted!) 

The best trampoline for you will not always be the one that saves you the most money. Sure, if you’re looking for a short-term trampoline for your kids to jump on until they move on to the next thing, a cheap trampoline could be for you.   

But cheap trampolines usually won’t last past 1-3 years and come with various safety concerns. That’s why we say to consider all the factors above before setting a hard budget.  No amount of cost savings is worth a trip to the emergency room for your little ones. 

3 Steps for Finding the Best Trampoline Deal  

To find the right trampoline deal, you must become savvy about finding the best trampoline sale.  

Below are actionable objectives you can follow right now to ensure that you buy a trampoline you won’t regret:  

Step 1: Stay up to date!  

There’s plenty of information about trampoline deals out there. You just have to know where to look. Here’s our advice:  

  • Subscribe to newsletters (like ours at Springfree). They typically include the latest deals delivered to your inbox once they drop. Some companies may include SMS offers if you would rather receive alerts via text message.  
  • Follow trampoline brands on social media for the latest deals and exclusive offers.   

Springfree Trampoline Instagram post about Black Friday deals.

  • Check for coupon codes online.  
  • Browse the websites of the major brands or retailers, such as Amazon, Target or Walmart, that sell trampolines.  
  • Reach out directly to the brand or retailer that sells the trampoline you’re interested in if you have any questions.  

Step 2: Compare Trampolines  

Now, to the crucial part of comparing trampolines. For cost, you can compare trampolines using tools like Price.com. But that shouldn’t be the sole deciding factor for you.   

*Your Objective: Make a list of the trampolines you’re interested in and start comparing them to your most desired features. If it’s safety, prioritize safety features. If it’s longevity, prioritize sustainability features and a long warranty length.  

You can also see if the certain brand you’re looking at has a tool like our Model Comparison Tool. Our Tool will let you compare two Springfree Trampolines on key features like trampoline size and cost:    

Springfree Trampoline Model Comparison Tool.

Step 3: Look for Upgrades  

Some people don’t take advantage of buying a trampoline on sale enough. When brands, retailers or dealers offer trampoline sales, it’s not always just on the trampoline itself.   

Trampoline accessories, like a trampoline basketball hoop or trampoline ladder, may also be discounted. Some brands also offer trampoline bundles that include both the trampoline and accessories for a lower price.  

For example, our Springfree Ultimate Trampoline Bundle lets you choose between five trampoline sizes and includes a FlexrHoop, FlexrStep and professional trampoline installation.  

You can also customize the trampoline, choosing from seven different colors to personalize it even further.  

A kid jumping on a Springfree Trampoline while two other kids throw a ball outside of it.

*Your Objective: Before clicking “buy” see if the trampoline you are buying is offered as a bundle with accessories you want. Buying as a bundle will save you money! 

When Is the Best Time to Buy a Trampoline for You?  

Now that you know the best times to buy a trampoline, you hold the power to make an informed decision on your trampoline purchase.   

Before you go, you may want a “sneak peek” at how your new trampoline looks in your backyard.   

We at Springfree Trampoline offer an Augmented Reality Tool that will let you virtually place a trampoline in your yard to see how it fits. Just follow these three steps:   

  1. Visit Springfree Trampoline’s website on your phone.  
  2. Select a Trampoline and tap the AR icon.  
  3. Use your phone to view, adjust, and screenshot the Trampoline to have for later!

Good luck on your trampoline journey! If you need expert assistance at any time, reach out to us and we will be here to offer our guidance.     

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