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How to Throw the Best Trampoline Sleepover (10 Epic Ideas!)

Get your creative juices flowing and make your trampoline sleepover a night to remember! Follow our 10 best ideas for throwing the best trampoline sleepover.

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How to Throw the Best Trampoline Sleepover (10 Epic Ideas!)

Are you looking to throw the greatest trampoline sleepover ever? 

At Springfree Trampoline, we know a thing or two about having fun on a trampoline. And if you’re looking to throw a DIY trampoline sleepover, we’ve got you covered. 

There are many ways to turn your trampoline into a central hub of entertainment for your kids and their friends to enjoy. 

We’ve rounded up the 10 best ways to throw a sleepover on your trampoline that all kids will be able to enjoy. 

After reading this, your house will become the prime destination for future sleepovers! 

10 Best Trampoline Sleepover Ideas 

Here are 10 of the best ideas for a trampoline sleepover:  

  1. Movie Night

Three children watching a movie on a trampoline 

Instead of overpaying for everybody to go to the movie theater, why not host a movie night on the trampoline?  

Hosting a movie night on a trampoline is fun for a couple of reasons: 

  • One, you get to be outdoors— especially a plus during the summer! 

  • Two, you control which movies and how many movies the kids watch. 

You’ll need a movie projector and an outdoor movie screen to host a movie night on your trampoline. You can find outdoor projectors and outdoor movie screens at various retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy.  

Once you have all the required supplies, you may also be able to set up a gaming console and play video games on it too! 

  1. Slam Dunk Contest 

If you’re hosting a sleepover for kids that are basketball fans, then a nightly Slam Dunk Contest on the trampoline can keep the kids entertained for hours. 

All you need is a trampoline basketball hoop and ball, and you will be good to go (check out our “5 Best Trampoline Basketball Hoops!”) 

Springfree Tip: Make sure you have adequate lighting for the kids while dunking, and for safety precautions, we recommend a rule of one jumper on the trampoline at a time.  

  1. Gaze at the Stars 

Learning about space is fundamental to a child’s education and your trampoline is the perfect place to give kids the opportunity to see the stars outside of class!  


  1. Story Time 

Story time on a trampoline is a great idea if you’re hosting younger kids and the weather is nice out. 

Have the kids bring their sleeping bags, have some snacks and drinks on hand and read them some of their favorite stories. Or, better yet, let them make up their own stories! 

Reading/telling stories on a trampoline is a special way for you to participate in making memories along with your child and their friends. 

Springfree Tip: Before hosting the sleepover, you may want to clean your trampoline. Check out our article for the exact steps on how to clean a trampoline

  1. Make a Trampoline Fort 

Another amusing idea for the young kiddos is letting them use their creativity to build a trampoline fort. 

Trampoline forts are a common way for kids to enjoy their trampoline, both during the day and at night. 

Building a trampoline fort can also be paired with many of the other activities on this list. Have the kids build their best fort, and after it’s done, queue up a movie so they can enjoy it from their newly built fort.  

You could also purchase a sunshade ($199), which can replicate your own outdoor room or fort: 

A girl jumping on a trampoline with a sunshade 

  1. Glow-in-the-Dark Jumping 

Most of the activities so far have not included using the trampoline for its basic purpose: Jumping! 

This next idea covers that and lets you take advantage of the nighttime to have a unique jumping adventure. 

How to: Get some balloons and glowsticks. Put the glowsticks in the balloons and you will get a glow-in-the-dark experience. 

If you don’t want to set up glow-in-the-dark jumping, you can simply string lights around the trampolines, like so: 

A girl standing on a Springfree Trampoline with string lights attached to it 

  1. Host a Campout  

There are not many things more synonymous with childhood sleepovers than camping.  

Trampolines are a great place to camp out: They are stable, safe and you don’t have to worry about a bear lurking around the corner!


  1. Dance Party 

What’s more fun than turning on some music and dancing? 

On a trampoline, dancing is even more entertaining because you can dance and jump at the same time. All while listening to your favorite songs! 

It’s a sneaky good way for the kids to burn energy before going to bed, so they, and you, can get a good night’s sleep. 

  1. Karaoke Night  

If dancing is not your kids’ forte, then maybe singing is.  

A karaoke night is another music-related activity that you can host at a trampoline sleepover. Maybe even you and the other parents can get in on it too! 

  1. Play Trampoline Games 

It is a “trampoline sleepover” after all, so why not use it to play some classic trampoline games? 

Some of the best trampoline games include: 

  • Monkey in the Middle 

  • Bubble Pop  

  • Crack the Egg 

  • A Jump Contest 

  • Hot Potato  

Check out our “16 Best Trampoline Games to Play” to learn how to play the games above + all of the other best games you can play on a trampoline. 

Springfree Tip: If Halloween is approaching, the “Dead Man Trampoline Game” would be a fun and fitting game to play (you can find out more in the article linked in the sentence above).  

Need Other Ideas to Enhance Your Trampoline Sleepovers? 

A trampoline can be the place that produces many joyful moments for your child, their friends and yourself as a parent.  

There are many ways to host an epic trampoline sleepover, and the 10 ideas above will set you up to throw one for the ages. 

But how else can you use your trampoline to create lasting and cherishable memories? 

Whether it’s for sleepovers or just a random day of fun, there are endless possibilities to turn your trampoline into the epicenter of entertainment for both your family and friends. 

If you’re looking for new paths to enhanced trampoline fun, browse through our trampoline accessories, where we have several offerings that may be appealing if you’re looking for different ways to use your trampoline. 

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