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Superhero Trampoline Fun in Your Backyard

Turn your Trampoline into a Superhero HQ! The very thought of dressing up as a caped crusader and turning your trampoline into a superhero cave can send imaginations into over-drive.

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Superhero Trampoline Fun in Your Backyard

Turn your Trampoline into a Superhero HQ

It’s no secret, kids love superheroes! The very thought of dressing up as a caped crusader and turning your trampoline into a superhero cave can send imaginations into over-drive; from using magical super powers, to saving the family dog from the neighbor’s evil cat, to secret superhero meetings in the lair. Superhero themed fun is a great way to activate imaginations and get the kids moving (and bouncing!).

Many child behavior experts tell us that superhero play can promote confidence, patience, empowerment, helpfulness, a sense of right and wrong, even healthy food choices! So in the name of safe backyard fun, developing imaginations and encouraging our kids to eat their vegetables (like Superman does!), here are 5 fun ways to dress up your Springfree Trampoline, backyard and each other in true superhero style.

1. Create a City Skyline

Let’s get your backyard and trampoline ready for a Superhero hideaway!

When it comes to creating a superhero cave or lair, a Springfree trampoline makes it easy! 

You will need:

  • 5 - 10 x sheets of black cardboard
  • Yellow cardboard or yellow paint/paint brushes
  • Masking tape & glue stick
  • Safety scissors

How to:

  • Lay all the cardboard sheets out next to each other and tape together to desired length/height. This will create the large blank canvas to start.
  • Once you’ve created your black canvas, trace your city skyline design onto the cardboard canvas and cut out your building silhouette.
  • Using the yellow cardboard - cut out different size squares and rectangles to create windows for your buildings. Alternatively, you could paint these on!

If you're lucky enough to own the world's safest trampoline, it's easy to turn your Springfree Trampoline into a Superhero Cave! It already looks the part with its black, shiny mat and enclosure!

2. Cut & Color Paper Printables

We’ve made it easy to set the Superhero scene: dress up your trampoline and yourselves by creating fun paper accessories:

  • Superhero badges & signs (to stick on belts, capes, trampoline etc.)
  • Superhero sneaker logos (thread through laces)
  • Superhero bunting (Wham, Zap, Boom, Kapow – to hang in the cave/trampoline)


You will need:

  • Paint/Pencils/Crayons
  • Paper/Cardboard (recyclable i.e cereal boxers, coasters, paper plates)
  • Craft Glue
  • Masking Tape
  • Safety Scissors

Prepare recyclable cardboard, cut into required shape (circles, diamonds, triangles). Create your badge design, color in and cut it out, then stick onto the cardboard cut outs. Dress up your t-shirts, capes, hats etc by sticking the badges and sign using masking tape.


You will need:

  • Paint/pencils/crayons
  • Paper/cardboard (recyclable i.e cereal boxers, coasters, paper plates)
  • Hole punch
  • Safety scissors

Prepare recyclable cardboard, cut into required shape. Draw, color in and cut out the Superhero logos. Stick onto cardboard and cut out. Hole punch evenly to ensure they line up with shoe laces.


You will need:

  • Paint/pencils/crayons
  • Paper
  • String or elastic
  • Hole punch
  • Bull clip
  • Safety scissors

Draw, color in and cut out the Superhero bunting. Using the hole-punch, create two holes on the flat edge (so the point of the triangle is down) and create two holes: one in the left corner and one in the right corner. Feed the tie through each triangle with string. Once you have created a row of bunting, gently fasten it to the top of your trampoline (Superhero hideout) net banding using a bull clip.

3. Dress Up Material Printables

There’s no need to spend a fortune on Superhero costumes when you can create your own using scraps of materials like cotton, satin, felt etc.

  • Superhero Mask
  • Superhero Cape


You will need:

  • Felt/Craft Paper/Scrap Materials
  • Elastic
  • Masking Tape & Craft Glue
  • Safety Scissors

Desig, color and cut-out the Superhero masks – use these as stencil template to cut out your material. 


You will need:

  • 1 x large pillowcase
  • Double sided adhesive backed Velcro (dots or strips)

How to make it:

  • Take the pillow case so that the open end is at the bottom
  • On the top stick Velcro to top left (rough) and top right corner (soft) so that when folded in half and pressed together the Velcro will stick
  • Stick on their favorite badges or signs above

4. Fun in the Superhero Cave

Superheroes are all about making things safe! So here are some Superhero Tips on what not to do when playing on your Springfree Trampoline, especially when the superhero play involves the popular FlexrHoop.

Somethings just don’t fly!

  • Do not hang from or pull down on the hoop rim
  • Take extra precautions while jumping on the trampoline with the ball as it may interfere with or cause the jumper to fall awkwardly
  • Do not attempt to jump on the ball as this may cause serious injury
  • Do not intentionally rebound off the enclosure or intentionally jump into the enclosure. DO NOT hang, kick, cut or climb on the enclosure/basketball system
  • Keep players faces away from the backboard, rim, and net

Let’s not forget the fun parts of being a superhero like the feeling of flying! Here are some safe moves to test out your superpower skills.

  • Skill challenge: score each superhero out of 10 on how high you jump and slam dunk (the skill is in getting the ball into the hoop – but remember no hanging off!)
  • Distance challenge: using chalk, mark distances to shoot hoops from (each mark gives you different score). Every superhero takes a shot from each mark and whoever scores the most points wins!
  • Time challenge – how many hoops can you get in 20 seconds?   

5. Superhero Snap Shots

Grab a blue sheet, your skyline cut outs, white cardboard cut-out cloud shapes or cushions and toy planes. Now get the kids to pretend they’re flying. Take a snap shot from above and you have your own Superhero snap shot!

Now go forth and create your very own Superhero trampoline headquarters and save your backyard from the neighborhood villians.

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