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Do Springfree Trampolines Ever Go on Sale? 

Looking to save on a Springfree Trampoline? Learn when they go on sale and how to get notified so you don't miss out on the savings!

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Do Springfree Trampolines Ever Go on Sale? 

If you’ve seen the price of a Springfree Trampoline, you may have gasped. “How could a trampoline cost this much money?” 

Well, there are reasons behind that (which we will cover later!), but one of your follow-up questions to the cost of a Springfree Trampoline is: “Do they ever go on sale?” 

We’re going to answer that question in-depth today. Because spoiler alert: Like many retailers, we do run sales on our springless trampolines, but they are periodic and available for a limited time.  

But since you’ve taken the time to read this article, we’re going to let you in on when Springfree Trampolines go on sale and how you can get notified so you don’t miss it. 

If you’re interested in a Springfree Trampoline and want to capitalize on a promotional discount to get a better price, then this article is for you! 

Why Do Springfree Trampolines Cost So Much? 

First off, let’s address the elephant in the room: Why are Springfree Trampolines so expensive? 

Springfree Trampolines can cost anywhere from $799-$3,999, depending on the size. There are multiple reasons why—let’s dive into the main ones in more detail: 

Trampoline Safety 

Springfree Trampolines eliminate 90% of product-related injuries, the only trampoline in the world to accomplish that feat. What makes Springfree Trampolines safer?  

  • They use composite fiberglass rods for the bouncing system instead of springs—which can cause pinching injuries to jumpers. 

  • They have a frame that is positioned in a way that makes it impossible to land on—a “hidden” frame. 

  • They include a net that flexes when jumped into, greatly mitigating the chances of a falling injury. 

  • They contain a SoftEdge Mat, which has no hard edges for jumpers to fall on.  

  • They use pliable net rods instead of static metal poles, which are safety hazards for wayward jumpers on traditional trampolines.  

For more on the safety of Springfree Trampolines, check out the inventor of the Springfree Trampoline, Dr. Keith Alexander, explaining the safety features of Springfree in a short video: 

Quality & Durability  

Along with safety, the quality of Springfree Trampolines is typically considered to be unmatched by any other trampoline on the market. 

Springfree Trampolines is vertically integrated, which means they control every aspect of their product cycle—including manufacturing.   

Because of this, Springfree can control the testing of their Trampolines. That’s why their quality testing is the most strenuous in the industry. Springfree Trampolines are tested to 3 million jumps and every mat and net is individually assessed before being packaged.  

The materials used for Springfree Trampolines are premium. They include the mat rods, which are made from composite material that is 3x the strength of steel and a net that resembles those you would see in deep sea fishing. 

The components of Springfree Trampolines are all UV-stabilized and able to hold up in hot, cold, wet or dry climates. 

These reasons, among others, are why all Springfree Trampolines are warranted for 10 years and should last at least that amount of time, if not more, assuming reasonable use.  

See the graphic below for a comparison of Springfree Trampoline’s warranty vs. other notable trampoline brands: 

Comparison of warranties from five different trampoline brands. 

Design & Style 

The third major component to why Springfree Trampolines are premium priced is because, unlike most traditional trampolines, they can add to a backyard’s aesthetic rather than take away from it.  

Along with a unique appearance, Springfree Trampoline is the only brand that allows for advanced trampoline customization using seven different colors. Currently, four Springfree Trampolines can be customized.   

Considering all these factors, are Springfree Trampolines worth it? That’s up to you to decide. We’ve dedicated an entire article to this question, so if you’re on the fence, then this article may help you come to a final decision.  

Check it out: “Are Springfree Trampolines Worth the Money?”  

Little girl jumping on a Springfree Trampoline while her brother and mom throw a ball on the outside.

Do Springfree Trampolines Go on Sale? 

So far, you’ve learned about the main reasons why Springfree Trampolines are highly-priced. But does Springfree ever offer sales on their Trampolines? 

The answer is yes, Springfree Trampolines will go on sale occasionally at certain times of the year. So, when should you look for promotional discounts on Springfree Trampolines? Let’s tackle that question in the next section: 

When Do Springfree Trampolines Go on Sale? 

There are certain times of the year when Springfree Trampolines are more likely to go on sale. 

Springfree Trampolines tend to go on sale at the following times: 

  • Beginning of the warm weather season 

  • Black Friday 

  • Around the Holiday season 

***It’s not guaranteed that a Springfree Trampoline will be on sale at these times!  

What Kinds of Sales Do Springfree Trampoline Run? 

The type of promotions Springfree Trampoline runs varies. For example, Springfree Trampoline has run promotions in the past where you get a free trampoline basketball hoop with your trampoline purchase. 

Springfree has also done customization promotions and, of course, the traditional “dollars off” type of promotion. 

It should be said, though, that promotions run for a limited time, and once they’re done, they’re done. You cannot get a promotional discount once the sale ends, even if the trampoline is in your cart and you were planning on buying it! 

A little girl jumping on a Springfree Trampoline with her mom, brother and dog sitting in the grass on a blanket.

Where Else Can I Find Sales For Springfree Trampolines? 

Springfree Trampolines are also sold in various retail locations, either in-store or online, throughout the US. Examples include Walmart, Amazon, Target and The Home Depot, among others. They are also sold at local backyard dealers throughout the country.  

There might be times when a retailer or local dealer is running a limited-time sale outside of the one you would find on the Springfree website. 

If you’re looking to purchase a Springfree Trampoline and don’t see a promotion on our website, it never hurts to look around at retailers or local dealers to see if they are running any type of discount.  

You can find retailer/dealer promotions through an online search or by browsing through relevant social media channels. Check out our article on where to buy a trampoline to learn more about the different places you can purchase your next trampoline.  

Want to Get Notified When Springfree Trampolines Go On Sale? 

You have now been informed on when Springfree Trampolines go on sale, the kinds of promotions Springfree runs and the different places you can get a discount on one of our Trampolines.  

The best way to stay informed on future sales, though, will be to sign up for our Springfree Newsletter. 

The Springfree Newsletter will be your best resource to get notified and stay up to date on new Springfree products and special offers. 

Sign up for the Springfree Newsletter and stay informed so you don’t miss out on getting a good deal for a Springfree Trampoline! 

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