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The Only Trampoline Recommended by CHOICE!

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The Only Trampoline Recommended by CHOICE!

Parents are always looking for ways to get their kids outside with safe active play. But kids don’t think about putting safety first – even though you’d like them to.

Thankfully, armed with the right information, parents can give kids the safe backyard play they deserve (and enjoy the peace of mind that they so deserve).

Here’s where consumer watchdog CHOICE® comes in. They’ve just announced the results of their latest testing on trampolines – revealing how 8 prominent trampoline brands stand up when tested against the Australian safety standard. CHOICE® tested one size from 8 popular trampoline brands against the Australian Safety Standard (AS 4989:2015), including Springfree Trampoline’s R79 Medium Round.

Of all the trampolines tested, the Springfree Trampoline model tested, the R79 Medium Round, was the only trampoline brand to pass all the safety tests, receiving an impressive CHOICE® score of 93%.

How Do You Choose A Trampoline?

Following the Australian safety standards is voluntary. This means trampoline brands are not required to pass the safety standards in order to sell trampolines.

This makes the testing conducted by CHOICE® all the more important. It provides parents with the key info they need to make informed decisions for their kids.

At Springfree Trampoline, we believe safety shouldn’t be an option. We apply the same high safety standards of the R79 tested by CHOICE® to our full range of trampolines. So you have peace of mind that your kids are playing safe.

It’s why we exist! Our journey began when our inventor Dr. Keith Alexander, Dad and Mechanical Engineer, decided to design a safe trampoline for his kids. And we’ve been keeping Aussie kids safe ever since. We’re proudly the world’s safest trampoline and committed to continuing that legacy.

The CHOICE® Safety Tests

CHOICE® testing against the current Australian standard for trampolines covered key structural and safety tests, including:

Structural integrity – A range of tests that applied weights and forces to the trampoline frame, mat and enclosure to ensure the trampoline won’t break or deform under stress.

Impact test – Tested the padding and enclosure to measure how well they reduce the impact force. The structural and impact tests are tough tests and only the better trampolines pass them.

Product marking and safety information – Safety warnings and information that should be present, on the trampoline itself.

In addition to the key structural and safety tests, CHOICE® also included in their assessment how clear and comprehensive the instructions are, how easy the trampoline is to assemble and move around, and how easy it is to enter and exit the enclosure.

Want To Know More?

Check out the  CHOICE® Recommended Springfree Trampoline Medium Round here!

If you’d like to know which other brands were tested, CHOICE® offers a subscription service which gives full access to the findings and results of a variety of product tests, including this testing on trampolines. You can sign up to CHOICE® here.

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