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7 Creative Mother’s Day Ideas to Celebrate Mom This Year! 

Show the special motherly figure in your life just how much you care - discover our 7 fun ideas that are sure to make this Mother's Day one she'll remember!

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7 Creative Mother’s Day Ideas to Celebrate Mom This Year! 

It’s that time of the year again, when the most important women in your life are celebrated and appreciated for all they do.  

Whether you’re celebrating your mother, grandmother, wife or any other motherly figure, you want to do something special to show your appreciation on Mother’s Day. 

As a company that values family above all, we at Springfree Trampoline will inspire you to make this Mother’s Day one she’ll cherish forever.

Since we’re a company that prides itself on safe, outdoor fun, you can expect to see plenty of outdoor-related ideas in this article! 

We’ve put together a few creative and special ideas to commemorate whoever it is that you’re celebrating for Mother’s Day this year. 

7 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas  

Below are seven gift ideas to celebrate all the mothers in your life this year: 

1. Set Up Breakfast Outside

Celebrate the most important woman in your life with the most important meal of the day. 

But instead of the classic “breakfast in bed” gift, make her favorite breakfast and set it up outside! Spring is the perfect time to spend outdoors (check out our “6 Backyard Spring Time Ideas.” )

2. Start a Garden 

This next idea is also a good outdoor activity for moms who are aspiring or active gardeners.  

Gift your mom all the materials she will need to start growing the garden of her dreams. Gardens, much like our Springfree Trampolines, can add to a backyard’s aesthetic! 

3. Book Subscription Box 

If your mom’s a reader, she will love the gift of a book subscription box.  

There are many book subscription boxes to choose from, such as:  

Sticking with our outside theme so far, reading books is a great activity to do outdoors, by a pool, fire pit or trampoline! 

4. Play Outdoor Games 

Another way for mom to get the most joy out of her day is by playing games with the whole family. 

Classic outdoor games like cornhole and horseshoes are always acceptable as a gift idea for outdoor games.  

But if you’re interested in changing it up a bit, check out our Lob Home game that can help spice up the healthy competition at your house! 

See the image below for what Lob Home looks like: 

Four people playing the Springfree Lob Party Game 

5. Personalized Photo Album 

Photo albums are always a heartfelt way to show your mom appreciation by looking back at all the cherished memories you have had together. 

Unique idea: Gift her a personalized Mother’s Day photo album and choose one picture from each year that you’ve been her son/daughter. Make it a tradition every Mother’s Day to pick your favorite photo with your mom from the previous year and add it to the album! 

6. Spa Day (At Home) 

Mother’s Day is typically associated with relaxation, so gifting mom with a spa-day treatment at home is always an excellent idea! 

Make a homemade face mask, order a personalized robe, get a few bath bombs and add in her favorite bottle of wine to make Mother’s Day a day for mom to unwind.  

7. Plan a Hike + Picnic 

Circling back to our emphasis on outdoor ideas, take advantage of the good weather and plan a hike nearby! 

Better yet, grab your mom’s favorite lunch and set up a picnic at a spot with a nice view.  

Need Some Backyard Ideas for Summertime? 

We hope these seven ideas spurred some thoughts about how you want to show the motherly figures in your life appreciation on their dedicated day.   

Which gift ideas stood out to you? Do you have any ideas or stories that you would like to share? Reach out to us and let us know how you’ll be celebrating Mother’s Day this year! 

Also, check out our “7 Backyard Summer Time Ideas” and start planning your family's summer activities as the season quickly approaches. 

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