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How Much Are Trampolines at Walmart? | Full Breakdown

Get the best bang for your buck on trampolines at Walmart. Full pricing details and buying insights await! 

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How Much Are Trampolines at Walmart? | Full Breakdown

Many people associate buying a trampoline with Walmart, but it begs the question: How much are trampolines at Walmart?  

One of the places we sell our Springfree Trampolines is Walmart. To help you find the right trampoline, we conducted a full analysis of the trampolines at Walmart and how much they cost. We’ve wrapped up the results below!  

How Much Are the Trampolines at Walmart?  

Walmart trampolines range from under $40 to over $2,000, depending on the type, size and brand you’re looking at:  

  • Walmart sells mini trampolines, rebounders and multiple shapes of outdoor trampolines. There will be exceptions, but most outdoor trampolines will be more expensive than mini trampolines/rebounders.   
  • The size of trampoline will also affect the price. Bigger trampolines, like 14 ft trampolines, usually cost more money.  
  • Walmart carries multiple trampoline brands, including JumpSport, Upper Bounce, Skywalker and Springfree Trampoline. The quality of the brand’s trampolines dictates the total cost.   

Seasonal sales run by Walmart may also affect how much their trampolines cost. Taken together, Walmart Trampolines vary significantly in pricing, mainly depending on the factors discussed above.  

3 Walmart Trampoline Pricing Tiers  

Based on online research, we found that Walmart has around 25 pages of trampolines. That’s a lot to go through, to say the least.  

To help you sift through Walmart’s Trampolines more easily, we’re going to break down their trampoline costs into tiers: Budget trampolines, Mid-budget trampolines and premium trampolines.  

We will also cover the trampoline features you should expect in each tier while providing a few trampoline models that stand out. 

We chose these models based on our insider expertise and user reviews and provided a mix of outdoor trampolines, rebounders and mini/toddler trampolines.   

1. Budget Trampolines   

Budget trampolines, or cheap trampolines, are perfect for families looking for an affordable addition to their backyard.   

These trampolines typically come in smaller sizes and may lack some of the advanced safety features found in pricier models. You can expect to find budget trampolines at Walmart in the price range of approximately $100 to $300.  

Typical Features of Budget Trampolines at Walmart:   

  • Smaller sizes (usually 8 to 10 feet in diameter), though some brands will offer bigger trampolines for cheap. 
  • Basic safety netting. 
  • Simpler frame and spring construction. 
  • Shorter warranty lengths (1-3 years).  
  • Ideal for young children and limited space.  

Best Budget Trampolines at Walmart:   

A girl jumping on a blue Skywalker Trampoline.

Skywalker 12 ft Trampoline, courtesy of Walmart.   

2. Mid-Budget Trampolines   

Mid-range trampolines offer a balanced combination of quality and affordability. 

These trampolines, priced around $300-$800, often come in a variety of sizes and may include more safety features and durable materials than budget trampolines.   

Typical Features of Mid-Budget Trampolines: 

  • A wider range of trampoline sizes, including medium and larger options. 
  • Enhanced safety enclosures. 
  • Sturdier frames and springs for increased durability. 
  • Longer warranty lengths (around 3-8 years). 
  • More visually appealing trampolines. 
  • Suitable for older children, teens, and family use.  

Best Mid-Budget Trampolines:  

Two kids jumping on a Jumpflex Trampoline while two other people watch from the outside. 

Jumpflex 12 ft Trampoline, courtesy of Catch.  

3. Premium Trampolines   

Premium trampolines are designed for those seeking the utmost in safety, quality, and performance.   

These trampolines are typically larger, come with advanced safety features, and are built to withstand years of active use. You can find premium trampolines at Walmart priced at $1,000 or more.  

Typical Features of Premium Trampolines:  

  • Larger sizes, often exceeding 12 feet in diameter. 
  • High-quality safety enclosures with reinforced materials. 
  • Robust frames and springs (or rods) for added safety and longevity. 
  • Warranty lengths lasting up to 10 years.  
  • Suitable for serious jumpers and families looking for a long-term trampoline.  

Best Premium Trampolines:  

A kid in a blue shirt jumping on a Springfree Trampoline.

Springfree Large Square Trampoline.   

Expert Tips for Buying the Best Trampoline  

When shopping for a trampoline at Walmart, or anywhere else, you need to make sure that you’re making an informed decision. Here are some valuable expert tips to get the most out of your trampoline purchase:   

Part 1: How to Make the Most of Your Trampoline Purchase  

1. Choose the Right Size   

  • Measure your yard to make sure the trampoline fits.  
  • Take note of the single jumper trampoline weight limit 
  • Consider how much jumping room you need. 
  • Buy for the future if your child is growing!  

Check out our Model Comparison Tool to help with comparing trampoline sizes:  

Comparing Springfree Trampolines side-by-side.

2. Safety/Quality First 

Look for the following trampoline safety features:  

  • A flexible and UV-resistant enclosure net.  
  • Absence of exposed springs and high-quality safety padding around them, ensuring springs are outside the mat area.  
  • Utilization of padded enclosure rods or non-static poles.  
  • A shock-absorbing trampoline mat without any sharp edges.  
  • A trampoline frame made from galvanized steel, either padded or concealed.  
  • Construction with weather-resistant, rust-resistant, and UV-protected materials.  

 3. Additional Factors 

  • Warranty length 
  • Installation process 
  • Maintenance required   
  • Accessories needed  
  • Customer service availability 
  • Verified online reviews of the brand/model  

Part 2: Finding the Best Price  

4. Set a Budget  

  • Make your budget after considering your trampoline goals. 
  • Explore trampoline financing options if you want a premium trampoline but don’t want to pay for it in full at once.  

 5. Buy Strategically 

  • Shop around early spring, Black Friday/Cyber Monday and the Holiday Season for the best chance at buying a trampoline on sale 
  • Check trampoline brands, retailers and dealers to compare prices.  

 6. Bundle It Up 

  • See if the trampoline you want can be bundled with accessories, like a trampoline basketball hoop, for a lower price (many places offer trampoline bundles).   

Which Walmart Trampoline Is Right for You?  

How much the trampolines are at Walmart fully depends on the type, size and brand of trampoline you’re looking at. When you decide to buy a trampoline also plays a role in the final price.   

Our advice at Springfree is to never settle for a trampoline and do your research. You might be tempted to buy the cheapest trampoline, but MAKE SURE it’s the best trampoline for your goals first. Your children’s happiness, and more importantly, safety, could be on the line!  

If you’re still deciding which trampoline is best for you, we’ve previously completed a full analysis of the best trampolines at Walmart.  

Based on our internal expertise, we ranked:  

  • Best Cheap Trampolines at Walmart 
  • Best Mid-Budget Trampolines at Walmart 
  • Best Premium Trampolines at Walmart  

Check out the Best Trampolines at Walmart for an unbiased list of the top trampolines with key features, costs and user reviews included! 

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