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NPR's HOW I BUILT THIS: Springfree Founder - Steve Holmes

NPR’s How I Built This host, Guy Raz, has created a new series on his podcast, and our founder, Steve Holmes, joined to talk about his business journey!

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NPR's HOW I BUILT THIS: Springfree Founder - Steve Holmes

NPR’s How I Built This host, Guy Raz, has created a new series on his podcast, How I Built Resilience, talking with founders and entrepreneurs about how they’re navigating these turbulent times. Our very own founder, Steve Holmes, live streamed with Guy and discussed how many business entrepreneurs, including himself, are reacting to the surge in trampoline interest during lockdown.

Trampolines are flying off the shelves, according to Steve, 300% higher than at this time last year. 

“Families are experiencing a new type of pain. We’ve had so many stories that trampolines were not a part of their family plan, but staying at home or stopping organized sports wasn’t either, so we became a part of that solution.”

Like many companies, Springfree is dealing with new situations we have never seen before or could have even imagined. Every day is a learning experience and we are trying to find new ways to pivot with each new change. If you are currently asking yourself – What can I do next? Where do I go from here? How do I react? Remember we are all in this together.

“You can be resilient, you can see your way through. Get up every morning, set a focus, learn something new, apply it, record it and keep going, because people will be with you in this journey.”

Springfree is trying their best to meet expectations of customers, be fully transparent, while also valuing employees at the same time. With so many having to stay at home, we hope to bring families unity during this difficult time.

“The best part of business is people and we want to build relationships that last. Years from now I want to look back and say we’ve created some safe backyards, saw then through this tough journey, know that they’ve still got it, they’re still loving it, we’re still servicing them, and hopefully we’re using it to leverage new opportunities, add value and continue to deliver them to families.”

Be sure to check out the full How I Built This live stream video above. 

While watching, think about what other questions you have for Guy & Steve.

To find out which Springfree Trampoline model is best for you: https://www.springfreetrampoline.com 

Dive into more stories with Guy Raz: https://www.npr.org/podcasts/510313/how-i-built-this

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