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FOX & Friends joins HGTV Host, Chip Wade and Springfree - Backyard Fun

Springfree Trampoline was featured on Fox & Friends. Here's a few tips & products HGTV Host, Chip Wade, used to make the most of his families backyard.

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FOX & Friends joins HGTV Host, Chip Wade and Springfree - Backyard Fun

With work and school now both being virtual, it is sometimes hard to get away from all of the screens. Many parents are struggling with how to incorporate recess and staying active into their families at-home routines. The backyard has become the new daycare, gym and recess area. 

FOX & Friends joined HGTV host and DIY expert, Chip Wade, in his backyard, while he showed how he has made the most of his families' backyard. Checkout the FOX NEWS segment with Chip and Springfree



Chip and his wife, Pauli, were both college cheerleaders (it's actually how they MET!), so they've been around trampolines all their life. They know how much joy and hours of fun trampolines can bring to kids, but now as parents, they have been hesitant of trampolines and their dangers. Their youngest had broken his arm jumping on a trampoline and they had worries of the springs pinching, faulty frames and the kids falling off.

Pauli says, "their dilema was solved with Springfree!"  

Here Chip discusses how he was in the market for another trampoline, but wanted to find one with a great safety rating. He found that with Springfree! 

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