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9 Tips for Getting More “We” Time

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9 Tips for Getting More “We” Time

Making time for family is one of the most important things you can do as a parent.

Studies show that time spent as a family helps kids cope with challenges and feel self-confident, and that students with involved parents get better grades, are more likely to go on to higher education, and have more positive attitudes. (Plus, family time can be a ton of fun for everyone!)

It’s not just about getting more family time. It’s about getting the right kind of family time, where you have a chance to bond, discuss and reflect.

To help, we came up with a list of our favorite activities for getting more “we” time with the family.

1 - Start The Day Together

You don’t need to cook up a big breakfast to sit down for a few minutes as a family. Just set a time to gather around the table for 15 minutes in the morning as you chow down cereal, fruit and OJ. It’s a good chance to check-in together and find out what everyone is up to for the day.

2 - Family Bounce Time!

Head out to your Springfree Trampoline and take turns bouncing. Exercise is an excellent way to bond as a family and taking turns teaches patience and sharing—plus it gives you a chance to catch-up with the kids while they wait for their turn getting some airtime. Remember that the springless design eliminates 90% of product-related trampoline injuries, so you can enjoy your family time without worry.

3 - Family Book Club

Let a different family member pick a book for the family to read every week or month. Then meet (with snacks!) on a set night and have them explain why the chose the book and read their favorite part. Discuss what you liked about the book and what you found challenging.

4 - Get The Kids Involved In A Creative Chore

Sure, kids complain when you ask them to tidy up their rooms, but they’re naturally curious when it comes to tasks that show them how things work—like changing the oil in the car or fixing the chain of the toilet tank. The next time something needs maintenance around the house, invite your kids to help in small ways. They’ll love the feeling of accomplishment that comes with it.

5 - Trampoline Olympics!

Spark a little friendly competition by challenging your kids to set a new personal best on the trampoline, aiming to set new records for the highest bounce or the greatest number of bounces in one minute. With the Springfree Trampoline’s flexible safety enclosure, they’ll be able to jump safely without chance of falling to the ground.

6 - Eat Dinner Together

Family dinners give everyone a chance to discuss and reflect on their days and really listen to the challenges or opportunities that came up during the day’s events. If one of your kids faced a problem, remember to follow up the next day or week to see how it’s going. It’s a great way to stay connected and show support, even as your little ones grow up. Plus, a 2012 study shows that kids who eat regular meals with their families do better in school.

7 - Let The Kids Cook A Meal

Have the kids decide on a recipe and go over it with them to make sure they understand all the steps and know where to find the ingredients. Whatever the results are, thank them for cooking and ask them about the challenges they ran into in the kitchen. Next time, join them in cooking the meal and work together to find solutions to the challenges and brainstorm ways to improve the recipe.

8 - Take A Family Walk

Pack some snacks, pick a route through a nearby park or nature trail, and go for a walk together. Keep an eye out for wildlife and see who can spot or identify birds, squirrels, frogs and other animals first!

9 - Challenge Your Kids To Invent A Trampoline Game

Can’t think of something to do? Ask your kids to come up with a new game for the trampoline and be ready to join in. Letting them lead group play gives them a chance to invite you into their imaginative world see play through their eyes. Just remember that the Springfree Trampoline is designed for one person to a bounce at a time, so the best games allow players to take turns, often competing to set records or meet challenges.

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