7 Fun (And Easy) March Break Activities For Kids

March break is almost here! Not sure what to do with your kids? We've got you covered with our top activities that are fun for the whole family!

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7 Fun (And Easy) March Break Activities For Kids

March break is almost here! Not sure what to do with your kids? We’ve got you covered with our top activities that are fun for the whole family (and won’t break the bank)!

1 - Build A Campfire! 

Often, people think of campfires as strictly summer activities. But there is nothing more enchanting on a chilly winter night than to sit around a roaring fire outdoors, drinking hot cocoa, making s’mores, and singing.

2 - Have A Woodland Scavenger Hunt!

Spruce up your typical winter hike in the woods with a scavenger hunt for the kids. Look up the local flora and fauna, along with other things that can be found in the local woods, and print out a checklist for each of your kids. Whoever finds the most things wins a prize!

3 - Jump On A Trampoline!

This might not be the first thing that might spring to mind as a winter activity, but trampolining is a great way to get exercise in the cold months. Just imagine the brisk winter air filling your lungs as you bounce up and down on your Springfree Trampoline. It’s a great way to get the kids outside and active right in your backyard!

4 - Map A Treasure Hunt

This one is a fun twist on the classic Easter Egg Hunt! Hide small objects around the house and let your kids try to find them. A couple rolls of large coins are easily obtainable from your local bank, and will motivate even older kids to join in the fun. If it’s near to Halloween, try hiding chocolate coins. Alternately, you can hide a variety of small objects and assign a value to each one. Just be sure to keep a list of where you hid everything!

5 - Build An Obstacle Course

Another great way to get kids moving is with a challenging obstacle course - either indoors or out if the weather is good. If you’re thinking indoors, you can make ample use of chairs, pillows, blankets, and the like. Outdoors, your scope vastly expands. Garden hose can outline the course, some orange cones from a home goods store obstacles, string for a mock laser grid, the options are endless. If it’s leaf season, consider making the finale a massive pile of leaves suitable for jumping (always check carefully for sticks or other hidden hazards). Here’s some more ideas on creating a fun course for your kids and teens to run through.

6 - Stargazing In The Backyard

Pick a night when the sky is clear and bring blankets out to your Springfree Trampoline. Then just lay back and look up at that stars. The North Star is one of the easier stars to spot from anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere. Look for seven dimmer stars that make up the shape of a small scoop—that’s the Little Dipper! The North Star is the “handle” of the constellation.

7 - All Of The Classic Snow Activities!

We’ve left these for last because they require snow, but it’s difficult to argue with the classics! Build a snowman (or encourage the kids to make a whole series of snow sculptures for their very own icy art gallery), go sledding or snowshoeing, make snow angels, go ice skating if you have a local rink. When we become adults, snow can get annoying, but to kids, a snowfall can be one of the most magical occurrences on Earth. And if you play with them in the snow as well, it might just help you recapture some of that joy of winter when you were little, in addition to creating some new memories to last a lifetime.

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