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6 Tips to Get Some Exercise While at Home

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6 Tips to Get Some Exercise While at Home

Wow. This past couple of weeks has been a huge curve of learning for us all. We parents have more on our plates than ever before. Not only are we concentrating on keeping our children healthy and safe, but now, we must all step up and become teachers and activity leaders for our kids.

Online schooling is becoming the norm, and lesson plans for core classes are certainly helpful, but you still need to keep up the special classes too, like P.E. Without organized weekly classes, it's more important than ever to make sure kids are staying active to keep healthy. Here's some guidance on what parents can suggest to get the wiggles out of their kids, and to provide some real exercise too.


For the Gamers.

These days, are you finding it harder and harder to get the kids away from the screen? Well, maybe you can slightly trick them into thinking they are playing a video game, when in reality, they are moving and grooving. The games from Go Noodle incorporate music and movement into vibrant, high-energy clips that make kids the star of videos and game scenarios.


For the Dancers.

Since your little ballerinas can't twirl during structured dance class right now, give them some floor space in your home and let them practice pointing their toes and spinning pirouettes with guided instruction from Ballet Nova. This studio is offering free live-streamed dance classes right now. Follow along with or without your tutu on.


For the Bouncers.

Basically, this is everyone. Including parents. You already know that there are tons of health benefits of jumping on trampolines. Jumping can also improve your mood, making you momentarily forget your worries. And, with a Springfree Trampoline, you can be even calmer knowing the kids are exercising on the safest trampoline in the world. Having one of these structures in your backyard ensures instant fun, plenty of exercise and lots of Vitamin D—a crucial element to fighting off illnesses.


For the Gym Rats.

Ok, maybe it's more you missing the gym than your littles. But, why not incorporate your workout with theirs? Lots of gyms are offering online workouts right now, including some that cater to kids. For example, the YMCA has videos for youth soccer and sports performance to keep kids' skills active. Plus, there's a great fitness series called "Born to Move" that gets both kids and parents up and exercising. Or, follow P.E. with Joe for more traditional school-type exercises.


For the Rollers.

Some days, kids just really need to get going and get away from the house a bit. And, they want to move faster than their little legs can carry them. That’s when you bring out the wheels. The trikes, the bikes, the scooters or the skateboards. Head down the sidewalk or neighborhood streets to zoom the minutes away. Just remember to always wear a helmet. Parents, this is a great opportunity to bike or jog alongside your child, too.


For the Zen-Crowd.

Everyone could use a little extra calm right now. Even kids. Encourage their relaxation with online yoga classes just for them. Cosmic Kids Yoga is designed for kids as young as 3 years old. With cartoon-like backgrounds and storylines, poses become more interactive and imaginative. Take a deep breath, focus and adopt the mantra "You've got this." Because you do.


Stay strong. Stay safe. Stay active.

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