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6 Backyard Spring Time Ideas

Make the most of your Spring at home with these Springfree Trampoline backyard activities for the entire family.

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6 Backyard Spring Time Ideas

Spring is here! Looking for some new ideas to keep the kids entertained?

Give your family a memorable Spring in the comfort of your own backyard with Springfree. Here’s our 6 backyard Spring time ideas for the entire family to enjoy.

Have a campout in your backyard.

Setup a tent, grab some sleeping bags, pillows and any other camping supplies your hearts’ desire. Build a backyard fire pit. Cook some hot dogs and s’mores. Once it’s really dark out, stargaze and tell scary stories. Keep the flashlights handy!

Chalk draw on your Springfree.

Grab some chalk and be creative! Draw some spring favorites on the trampoline mat. Butterflies, trees, bugs and flowers. Wash off the chalk with a bit of soap and water and your trampoline spring cleaning is done!

chalk Springfree

Setup an obstacle course. It’s important to keep the kids active and outside during the break. Less screen time and more “recess time at home.” Build the ultimate, competitive obstacle course. Grab some balloons, hula hoops, chalk, painter’s tape, orange cones, tunnels, streamers, jump ropes, bean bags, buckets, flashlights, fair lights and glow sticks. Dig out the pool noodles, water hose (if it’s warm enough), beach balls and more! Have the family design and create their very own course to enjoy.

Play ball!

Shoot some hoops and practice your slam dunk with your Springfree FlexrHoop. Whether it’s basketball, soccer, baseball, volleyball, dodge ball or kick ball, grab the household favorite and get some good exercise, fresh air and vitamin D in the yard.

springfree flexrhoop

Have a backyard PJ party.

PJ parties still rock! Get ready for popcorn, movies on the Springfree and pillow fights. No matter what age, sleepovers are always a hit!

Do nothing.

Yes, that’s right. In today’s time of over-scheduled kids, adults, entire families, a day or two of totally unscheduled time, when your kids can sleep late, play creatively, jump outside or work on a hobby, and generally relax, may be just what the doctor ordered.

Spring time gives the chance for many families to be outside, reconnect and take a well-deserved rest. We hope you create many Spring  memories, safely with Springfree!


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