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5 Reasons to JUMP in the Morning!

Jumping on a Springfree Trampoline is a great workout. Check out our top 5 reasons to jump-start each day with bouncing!

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5 Reasons to JUMP in the Morning!

Jumping on a Springfree Trampoline is a great workout. It’s fun, safe, it feels easy, it makes you happy and it works so many muscles at once. And of course, 10 minutes of jumping on a trampoline is the cardio equivalent of a 30-minute jog. Which makes it time-efficient too!

Your new challenge is to start every day by spending at least 10 minutes jumping on your Springfree.

But if you're not a morning person, or hesitate in taking the ‘leap’ of commitment (pun intended), here are our top 5 reasons to jump-start each day with bouncing!

1. Stress Relief

You know that feeling of calm after a great work-out? Where all your stresses and frustrations disappear?

Studies have shown that exercise helps to reduce stress. Why not start your day with that great stress-free feeling that comes with good honest trampoline jumping (and the joy of bouncing). Starting the day in a positive way can help you keep that calm frame of mind!

2. Health Motivation

If you’re in a healthy mindset right from the start of the day you’ll find it easier to resist eating ‘naughty’ throughout the day. After all, you’ve done the hard part – now all you need to do is behave yourself!

You’ll already be feeling super proud of yourself for putting in the effort, and you’ll want to keep that healthy and energized feeling!

3. Exercise = Done

Ever finish your work for the day and dread having to get motivated to go and be fit?

If you do your trampoline exercise every morning, it’s one less thing you have to do in the afternoon or evening when you just want to relax. You’ll feel good that you’ve already done your daily exercise – and if you can motivate yourself to do an extra session in the evening you’ll feel even more amazing!

4. Start the Day Happy

Exercise boosts your endorphin levels, which make you feel happy. And it’s almost impossible to not enjoy bouncing on trampolines.

Really embrace the fun of bouncing, and you’ll smile, have fun, burn those calories and get yourself into a happy mood!

5. Fitness Made Fun

When the words ‘fitness’ or ‘exercise’ pop up, the word ‘fun’ isn’t normally top-of-mind.  But a trampoline is one of those magic ingredients that do make fitness fun.

Remember all the fun you had as a kid jumping on your trampoline? Think of how much joy you see in the faces of children as they bounce and play on a trampoline. Fitness can be fun!

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