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You want to be the best parent ever. But kids aren’t always thinking about safety. That’s why Dr. Keith Alexander invented the Springfree Trampoline – to give parents peace of mind.

  • No springs. No hard edges. No falls to the ground.
  • Safety that lasts the test of time.
  • Built to last even the harshest conditions.

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“I wanted a trampoline for my daughter. My wife said they were too dangerous. So I invented my own.”

– Dr. Keith Alexander, Dad & Inventor of the Springfree Trampoline

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Safety Shouldn't Be An Option

We believe kids derserve safe backyard play and here's what we've done:

  • No Springs:: What? That’s right! Our revolutionary design uses flexible rods instead of springs.
  • FlexiNet™ Enclosure: Our Flexible safey enclosure prevents falls to the ground and gently guides wayward jumpers back to the jumping surface.
  • Hidden Frame: We moved the frame underneath where it’s impossible to fall on.
  • SoftEdge™ Mat: A shock aborbent edge with no hard areas means you can jump right up to the edge without risk of injury.

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