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Your 2019 Christmas Gift Guide - 23 Ideas for the Whole Family!

Still searching for that perfect gift for your kids? Looking for that special idea that will make 2019 a Christmas to remember?

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Your 2019 Christmas Gift Guide - 23 Ideas for the Whole Family!

Still searching for that perfect gift for your kids? Looking for that special idea that will make 2019 a Christmas to remember?

Don’t panic! There’s still time, and we’ve got you covered! We’ve combed the internet to put together our ultimate family gift guide for Christmas 2019. We’ve got gift ideas for girls, boys, mom and dad—plus some gifts that will bring the whole family together. (After all, that’s what Christmas is all about!) Even better, all these ideas come with links to order online so you can have gifts delivered right to your door in time for Christmas.

But, if you’re looking for that one special gift that the whole family can enjoy year-round, and that will be good for your family’s health and safety, we recommend checking out a Springfree Trampoline

And, if you’re looking for more ideas to round out your 2019 family gift list, here are our top picks! 

Top 3 Toys/Activities


Snap Circuits


A hands-on activity kit for kids 5+ or 8+, Snap Circuits are sets of simple electronic circuits that come with a project guide for building dozens of gizmos, from voice recorders, to burglar alarms, to radios and more.


gofindit Scavenger Hunt Cards


If your kids are eager nature-lovers, they’ll love gofindit: a set of scavenger hunt. Deal each kid a hand of cards and then head into the park or backyard to observe nature and find samples that match the words on their cards, like “Bumpy,” “Dry,” “Yuck!” and “Stripy.” It’s educational, and a lot of fun!


Brain Games for Clever Kids


Packed with enough brainteasers, puzzles, and games to occupy the kids on the 4-hour drive to visit grandma and grandpa, Brain Games for Clever Kids is an entertaining and educational book that’ll challenge your young thinkers to develop their problem-solving skills.



Top 5 Gift Ideas for Girls


Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls


There’s a saying that well-behaved women seldom make history. To inspire your own young world-changing innovator, this book features 100 inspiring stories of extraordinary women. What’s more, it’s illustrated by over 60 female artists from all over the world.


Nutcase Helmets


Safe, sleek, and stylish, Nutcase helmets put the fun back in safety when it comes to outdoor sports. Whether your child wants to go snowboarding on winter break or biking in the summer, these adorable patterned helmets will stay with them through all their adventures.


LEGO Minifigures


When it comes to LEGO collections, minifigures are the crown jewel for any kid. Released in sets tailored to all the things children love, from Disney characters to The LEGO Movie, these figurines are as fun to play with, as they are to collect.  Even better, there are always new sets coming out when you’re in need of another gift idea.


Get Coding! Adventure Book


Get Coding! is a beginner’s guide to coding, and the perfect way to get girls into STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). Filled with six missions and formatted as an adventure book, Get Coding! will challenge your kid to learn programming skills for building websites, apps, and games through a riveting story about stopping dangerous jewel thieves.


Unstable Unicorns


A fun, fast-paced and irreverent card game for players 14 and up, Unstable Unicorns is a battle royale where you try to build the ultimate unicorn army to defeat friends and family. Bursting with adorable/hilarious illustrations and off-the-wall humor, it’s a fun time for the whole family.



Top 5 Gift Ideas for Boys


The Nugget


The Nugget is in high demand this season. Made up of just 4 pieces, this simple play couch turns out to be the ideal toy for kids. Children can use the couch to make forts, have a slumber party or simply just sit and read a book.


Worry Eaters Plush Toys


Worry Eaters are a wonderful gift for the anxious child. Whether they’re worried about going back to school after Christmas holidays, or doing homework, or just afraid of the dark, they can “feed” their worry to their new adorable zipper-pouched plush friend. Plus, it’s a great tool for checking in with your child about their mental health and wellbeing.


My Comic Book


This all-in-one kit comes with everything your child needs to write, illustrate and publish their very own comic book. Whether your kid is a budding artist or just a big fan of Marvel blockbusters, give them hours of fun by encouraging them to tell their ultimate superhero story.


Magbot by tegu


Aimed at younger children, the Magbot is a brilliantly simple set of 9 magnetic wooden blocks that can be rebuilt into countless shapes and combinations to assemble different robot friends. This is ideal if you’re looking for a toy for open-ended and unscripted play appropriate for kids age 1 and up.


Our World Explained in 12 Simple Maps


This beautiful picture book is perfect for the inquiring young mind. How did the USA become a superpower? Why do people go to war? Why are some countries rich or poor? This book helps kids begin to ask and answer big-thinking questions about the world they live in.



Top 5 Gift Ideas for Mom


Aesop Body Lotion


These beautiful botanical body cleansers are like a spa day at home and are a special treat as skin starts to dry out in winter. (Bonus: it comes in a beautiful re-usable glass bottle!)


Longchamp Le Pliage Tote Bag


The Le Pliage tote bag from Longchamp offers designer panache without designer cost. If you’re looking to surprise her with a gorgeous and functional gift she’ll proudly sport for years to come, this is a classic for a reason: it’s a winner.


Replica “By the Fireplace” Perfume by Maison Margiela


Looking for the ultimate fragrance to give at Christmas? “By the Fireplace” from Maison Margiela’s Parisien “Replica” line features a sweet winter smell combined with a comfortable fire crackle scent to transport her to a 1970s Chamonix chalet (without the cost of international airfare).


Tranquility Weighted Blanket


For the anxious sleeper, the toss-and-turner, or just someone who enjoys a great night’s sleep, this weighted blanket embraces the latest sleep science to relieve anxiety and improve quality of sleep.


Barefoot Dreams Cardigan


The ultimate in cozy-chic, the Barefoot Dreams cardigan feels like heaven when you’re lounging and watching the snow fall inside with a nice cup of cocoa. (Luckily, it’s also elegant enough that you don’t need to change out of your sweats when you answer the door!)



Top 5 Gift Ideas for Dad


SELF Journal


After raising more than $320,000 on Kickstarter, the SELF Journal went on to become one of 2019’s most beloved tools for self-motivation, journaling, gratitude exercises, life-planning and time organizing. Get him one and encourage him to pursue his 2020 goals with gusto.


Click and Grow Indoor Garden


If he likes to think he’s got a green thumb, but forgets to water the houseplants, the Click and Grow is the non-committal gardener’s dream. A year-round automated garden will let him grow his favorite herbs, and even strawberries or tomatoes for home cooking.


Normann Copenhagen Whiskey Glasses


He’ll be more than happy to unwind at the end of Christmas Day with a glass of his favorite malt in this elegant and functional whiskey glass. Engineered to optimize the experience of aroma, temperature, and volume, the Normann Copenhagen is the top of the line for whiskey drinkers.


Barbarossa Safety Razor


Whether he needs to shave off his winter warmer to make room for the Santa beard, or he appreciates the year-round clean-shaven look, the Barbarossa Razor will let him shave like a king. Sleek, easy-to-use, and available in polished chrome, matt black and gold-plated stainless steel, these razors elevate the daily grooming experience.


Solgaard Solar-Powered Backpack


If he loves tech or travel, this slick backpack will be his favorite pick of 2019. It comes loaded with a solar-powered USB charger, gizmo compartments and anti-theft technology (plus optional extras like a Bluetooth boombox). Bonus: for every bag they sell, Solgaard removes 5 pounds of plastic waste from the ocean.

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