9 Ways to Make Summer Memories with Springfree

In considering a Springfree purchase, you've probably been happy simply thinking your kids are going to get some much-needed exercise and break from screen time, while being assured that it's the safest trampoline around. But we wanted to let you know that, over time, we've witnessed much more than jumping going on. We've seen imagination happening, bonding beginning, dreams coming to life, and tons of memories being made. We're delighted that Springfree can step in and step up as a site for such magnificent moments (especially this past year). Supercharge this summer with these creative ways to enjoy your Springfree. The kids will be outside from morning to night!



MVP Trainer
Indoor basketball has been benched a bit lately. But not everyone has a concrete home court to shoot some hoops. Sub in Springfree for the win. With a FlexrHoop, free throws are plentiful, rebounds are outrageous, and kids can really catch some air when making a jump shot! It's a total slam dunk!


Star Maker

Boy, do we miss live performances. There's nothing like the thrill of the stage with the audience patiently waiting for the magic to begin. Keep the dream alive by letting kids practice at home on a Springfree. The elevated enclosure set out among the best lighting around—sunshine or stars—creates a rehearsal that'll prepare even the most-timid novice for opening night. So, whether kids are pirouetting in a tutu, belting out their favorite tunes, acting out movie scenes or more likely re-creating TikToks, the applause will be tremendous.


Energy Zapper

Somedays, it just seems like the kids are going nonstop all day, and there's no end in sight. Yet, when they step onto a Springfree, they get to release all their pent-up energy. With each jump, they are not only refreshed, but they are content.