Hurricane Safety Tips for Your Trampoline

As Hurricane Sandy approaches the east coast, Springfree Trampoline wants you and your family to keep safe. In a storm, wind can pick up the trampoline mat and carry it away, posing a danger to the safety of families. First and foremost, assess the situation. If you anticipate SEVERE and EXTREME weather, the trampoline should be moved to a sheltered location or disassembled. Here are some additional tips to keep your Springfree safe in inclement weather:

1. Collapse the FlexiNet: We recommend taking down the safety enclosure net to prevent it from getting caught in high winds. You need to remove the enclosure rods from the frame sockets by removing the c-clips and wiggling the rods out of the sockets – this should take 3-5 minutes. The enclosure rods can then collapse down and be removed entirely. If your trampoline has the FlexrHoop, you'll have better access to remove it once the enclosure rods are taken down. The FlexrHoop is clamped on to two of the enclosure rods. You may opt to remove it entirely by using the provided allan key. If you are in a rush, you can just leave it attached the enclosure rods and remove them entirely.

2. Secure the frame: If possible, you should store your trampoline in the garage or inside the house. If this isn't possible, you should secure your trampoline with heavy sand bags so it will stay put. If you are nearby a local dealer, you may want to look into getting our trampoline anchor kit to secure the base of the legs. If you live in an area prone to high winds, it may be advisable to keep them on hand. 

We do NOT recommend placing the trampoline on its side as this will pick up wind more easily. Remember: any trampoline that is not properly anchored has the potential to move and become airborne during severe weather, potentially causing injury and/or damage. Stay safe by taking preventative measures. Watch our videos: Like us on Facebook for exclusive content. Follow us on Twitter @springfree to chat with our team.

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