Lauren Kate Fox, Mount Gambier, AU

I am really happy to see the kiddies bouncing away - (we have to set a timer mind you, for each one's turn!) The quality is terrific and you definitely see what you pay for. A great investment for outdoor fun.

Marta Miranda, Victoria, AU

This trampoline is worth every cent. Its helped my son with special needs develop his balance, co-ordination and flexibility in no time at all. He thouroughly enjoys it.

Elizabeth CeeVee, NSW, AU

After having a child hurt on a traditional trampoline I searched for something better and found Springfree and have never looked back.

I have 5 children and 4 trampolines, 3 have been Springfree trampolines.

My needs have changed over the years and hence my change in trampolines.

I have used the dismantle and reassemble service and cannot tell you how much it eased my mind not to have to worry about this problem.

Now when my children go to someones place, who does not have a springfree trampoline I do not let my child go on it, they are not that safe.

I always recommend to friends and family that the cost is worth every cent and to get a Springfree.

best regards


Alice Savory, Melbourne, AU

Best Santa present ever We have had ours 6 years this Christmas and it still performs like the day we got it. New pup did chew the net leaving it flapping in the breeze, but was easy and reasonably priced to replace it. Love it.

Gabby, Brisbane, AU

We have had this trampoline almost twelve months and the quality is still fantastic. A great size for a small family, perfect shape for any type of backyard and easy to maintain.