Yuri, Toronto, Ontario, CA

It was an investment but the kids honestly use it everyday. The two parents love it also. Great work out! Glad we bought from Springfree.

Rev Dr Jason David Ward, Derby, GB

Even the tie wraps holding all the stuff together we're so nice, I carefully opened them up so I could keep them.
From the first you tube video I watched, through opening all the boxes up, through assembly and to my first bounce on it, this was a quality experience, and a really great trampoline. So happy I bought spring free, and not a cheaper, less safe alternative. My wife and family are so happy we got this one.

Murray Wigg, Perth, WA, AU

After 6 months, our O92 (medium oval) Springfree is as good as new.
The only degradation is sun fading of the warning labels after a normal blistering Perth summer.
Our children (8 & 10) have no complaints, and they are accustomed to competition level gymnastics trampolines.
As a product improvement suggestion, I would recommend improved water drainage from the frame to alleviate potential corrosion from within. Every time the trampoline is moved water spills out.

MV Smith, Alberta, CA

Our family LOVES it!

Jason , Edmonton Alberta, CA

Amazing technology! Safety was top priority for engineers and design team. Kids plus mom and dad enjoy it, thanks