gweneth, horsham victoria, AU

Fabulous, best Christmas present my grandee's received. they love it, great quality and worth every penny, with the accessories its just so easy to manage.
Thanks Springfree, great service too.

Suzanne Noetzel, Vancouver, BC, CA

Overall a great product, if you are going to get a trampoline, it's worth investing in this one. No springs to fall into and a net that catches you if you fall too close to the edge. The two bounce spots on either end of the trampoline keep the kids from crashing into each other. Great for a small yard, I wouldn't put more than 4 kids on it at a time though and we may go down to 3. We have set rules about using the trampoline and so far the kids have respected them and have been safe jumpers.

We all have fun jumping on the trampoline and it's great exercise!

We also really like the locking feature of the net, so we can keep unwanted guests from using our trampoline.

We have the net up at the moment, but it does get in the way of bouncing for the person on the edge. If we ever move house to one with a slightly bigger yard, we'll probably upgrade to a larger model.

Paul Eathorne, Christchurch, NZ

We purchased the trampoline for our 2 year old daughter who had played on a mini tramp and loved it. Well she has had the best time ever on the new spring free trampoline and as parents we have not had to worry because it is so safe. The benefits have been numerous, exercise, improved balance, special awareness, and her confidence has really grown. We have not found anything negative about the product and we found it affordable because all our family gave toward it as part of her Christmas gift. I rate this as the best product we have ever purchased for our daughter. Thank you.

Kenneth, Wakerley, Queensland, AU

My son loves it more than any other toy/equipment he has so far.
Its safe, enjoyable, and exactly and certainly springfree. It does exactly what is recommended on the safety sheet.
l just love it

Shannon Wolfe, San Francisco, CA , US

My kids, ages 5 & 9, love the trampoline. It is so much fun! Fit perfectly in our narrow city backyard.