Jill, Brandon, Manitoba, CA

I cannot say enough about Springfree - we first purchased the trampoline and when we got it home and opened the box we realized someone had been into the box and had left us with a great mess - bolts and one part of frame missing. Springfree sent us those parts and we still were unable to get the trampoline together as the frame pieces just were not working. So Springfree suggested we take it back...that was a 2 1/2 hour drive out of our way, just one way, but we did and the store we purchased it from did an exchange, this time we got to see how a properly packaged box looks - someone definitely tampered with the one we had previously purchased. The store even gave us $200 back - so at least gave me faith in the store again. So finally after 2 weeks since we first purchased the trampoline we have it set up and my daughters and I have had a blast on the trampoline in the last 12 hours that it has been set up! I have never felt so safe on a trampoline before and its amazing to jump on. I totally recommend it - totally worth the money!!! Extremely satisfied customer!

Marcie Clare, Calgary, AB, CA

Everything about it is excellent but haven't had it over a winter yet. The fellows that set it up were super friendly and did a great job. Pay the $100 and get them to do it.

Sharyl Mantai, Calgary, AB, CA

The kids love the trampoline!


Hi -
Just finished setting it up and our children have been bouncing for 30 minutes and loving it!
One small point of feedback on the set-up process:
Instructions for Step 6 said to read 6b and 6c before proceeding. Suggest that reading through Step 6 and 7 together is helpful so as not to make the mistake of installing a bunch of white pegs in a row after the first 6 are done.

Jacob Hokanson, Cobble Hill, BC, CA

Recently purchased the Springfree O92 from ToysRUs. Did a lot of research online, read a lot of reviews and I can see now why it is such a highly rated product. So solid, so simple, lots of bounce, extremely safe. all the good stuff. To speak to any of the reviews speaking to the complicated and unreadable nature of the instructions, I completely disagree. Got the trampoline home, read the instructions, watched the videos, went to bed, got up, read the instructions, watched the videos then built the trampoline by myself in two hours. It's engineering genius. Kids are getting up before school to go on it now. Price: yes, expensive, but you truly get what you pay for. Thank you Springfree!