Dan Lewis, Port Moody, BC, CA

We bought the SF90 12' Round Trampoline in April of 2008. Recently the sheathing around rods and a few of the rods were breaking down from exposure to weather. I ordered a new set of covers for rods and a few replacement rods. After a disassembly, power wash and reassembly it's looking and functioning as good as new! Not many products in today's world are built to such high standards. Amazing quality and worth every penny!!!

Grant Movold, Kitchener, ON, CA

We have had this trampoline for many years. Our children, friends and parents use it almost all year round. We have only this year had to replace some net rods (due to sun exposure and son and friends exposure, not quality of product). This process too was simple and affordable. I would not hesitate to recommend this products and without a doubt rate it as the best trampoline you could buy. We have had many hours of enjoyment from it.

Pam, Brooklin, ON, CA

Love our trampoline!!!! We bought the large oval and our kids just absolutely love it. They are 11 and 8 and I can't get them off of it. We decided to install it ourselves and just the 2 of us did it, you definitely need 2 people to do the mat but after figuring out a technique for putting the rods into the mat it was very easy assembly. Even the kids helped out, taking everything out of the box and placing it on the ground for us to grab quickly. All in all, it only took about 3 hours for the 2 of us to put the entire thing up, very easy assembly!!!! Make sure you watch the videos online also, great way to follow instructions. I love the safety of the net around and no springs to hurt themselves on, thank you Springfree trampoline for selling such a great, safe product that will entertain my kids for years to come.

Jo Chalet, Placerville, CA, US

I bought the Springfree trampoline about 8 years ago when the grandkids were still small and it was a part of their lives and the neighbor kids' lives all those years. The neighbors had a pool and my daughter had the Springfree and along the way I bought a couple of water slides, so none of the kids wandered the neighborhood looking for something to do. My daughter moved recently and for now the trampoline is mine. I know that nobody ever got hurt on it and the kids didn't always follow safety rules. It was worth every penny several times over and I definitely would do it again. If I could, I would give it 100 stars.

Andrew Jones, Wellington, NZ

Just purchased the O92 for our twin daughters birthday and they love it, (best present yet).
They love the oval size as it gives them good length for passing netballs and space when on it together.
The oval shapes works perfectly with the shape of our property and is a pleasure to look at unlike the others in the market.
From ordering to assembly the process was professional and it reflects in the product and service .

Thanks Springfree Trampolines