Angela Duncan, Wilson WA, AU

Ordered the Large Oval Tramp online 12 days before xmas as a last minute purchase for 3 kids ranging from 4 to 9 years old. Delivered in 7 days as promised. We paid the $150 for assembly which was recommended to us by several friends who spent 4 - 5 hrs assembling theirs mainly due to the difficulty with fitting the fibreglass rods which apparently is all in the technique. Installer turned up on time on 23rd of Dec and single handled had it completed in 55 mins which included unpacking it all. Very impressive and very nice helpful guy to. The installer showed my husband the technique to fitting the rods and I can see why people struggle with it, definitely not easy even when you are shown, my hubby couldn't do it and he is no weakling.
I would recommend having it installed, might seem expensive for an hours labour but to save the hard work, stress, sweat and frustration on xmas day i think it was money well spent.
It looks really good in place and the kids have been having an absolute ball on it. They get some serious height/bounce but I feel really comfortable with it as it is as safe as I could see trampolines could get for kids. After 2 weeks now I can say we are very happy with the trampoline and the service delivery so I would recommend the Trampoline and Springfree as a company to anyone.

Brian Kramer, Laguna Beach, CA, US

Every aspect of this product in terms of design and quality is excellent. My only complaint is that pushing the spring bars into the mat brackets during set-up was almost impossible in certain sections. Other than that, we are very happy with the product.

Happy Father, Indianapolis, Indiana, US

We purchased a Large Oval Springfree for our two children (ages 8 and 6) as a Christmas present. So far (all of two days) it has been excellent. Can't keep the kids off of it. Definitely took two people to assemble (and its not quite as easy to assemble as the video's suggest) but all in all it was not too hard to assemble and the smiles on the faces of our kids is priceless. If the next bunch of years are like the first few days, this will be more than worth what we invested in it.

Mike, Rose Bay North, AU

Just single handedly installed the large oval trampoline.
Very clear instructions. Very good customer service.
Kids jumping as I write this.
We looked around and there were cheaper on the market but the build and quality is excellent and the company to deal with is very professional.
Highly recommend this company!

Bill Humphrey, Wollongong, NSW, AU

I'm a mechanic by trade and found this trampoline very easy to assemble but what impressed me the most was the quality of all the components and how every detail has been attended to. I was also reluctant to spend so much money on a kids toy but having seen and used the trampoline it is much more than a toy and money well spent. I'm sure the kids will love it when Mum and dad get off.