Josh Teare, Eagle Mountain, UT, US

I assembled it in our garage on Christmas Eve and it's so convenient there during our cold winter that we've repurposed our garage. We love it! The quality of all the materials is superb. The bounce seems more steady and controlled than other trampolines. The safety sells itself. This is a no-brainer purchase. Thank you for creating and delivering an extraordinary and safe product, Dr. Keith Alexander and team!

Samuel, Hilliard, OHIO, US

My kids are young and simply love the trampoline! As they are young, I believe they'll be able to use the item for many years.

Carol Sill, Edmond, Okllahoma, US

I purchased the trampoline as a Christmas gift for my five granddaughters ages 2,4,5,8,and 10. We had them close their eyes, line up in a line and follow us out to the backyard. Lots of screaming, laughing and jumping followed with comments of---Best gift ever!, Greatest day of my life! The basketball hoop was a great hit. All of them can dunk the ball except the little one.

Samantha Tournay, Lakelands WA, AU

Our Springfree trampoline is fantastic, my 3 children love it! My only concern is with our large oval trampoline if you fall into the net on the side it's quite difficult to get back up. Other than that we all love it :o)

james, officer, AU

I have been amazed with the build and design of the springfree trampoline,I never thought you would be able to have such a great bouncing mat and not sacrifice any safety at all,in fact increase the safety.
Thankyou springfree we lookforward to many years of growing with our perfect entertainment for all.