Jennifer, Beaumont, AB, CA

Our family loves the Springfree Trampoline. It's an excellent addition to our backyard toys. It's great for beginners as well as advance jumpers. I recommend it to all my friends and family.
Trampolines had been put on the list of "no-no's" in our home due to several close calls with safety issues but once I seen the Springfree trampoline I knew it was the right one for us. The safety features leave parents assured that provided the safety guidelines are followed, their child will remain safe!

Vicki Howell, Santa Cruz, US

There is no better way to get the grandkids outside and away from the TV and video games than a a Springfree in the back yard. I am told evan after a year the boys, ages 4 and 6 , are still jumping on it on almost a daily bases. They absolutely love the basketball hoop and have made up some creative games to play with their friends. Not having other children in the neighborhood their age, it is a wonderful source of entertainment.. ir

James Echenique, Sparks Nevada, US

Overall happy with our trampoline
Getting last few rods in to their sockets requires almost Superhuman strength.
Pockets that hold up net constantly come out since initial set-up. would be better to have a socket sewn to net that will snap onto ball at end of support rod.
other than that, no issues

susie, toronto, ontario, CA

My kids are so happy with this Christmas gift. My son who does competitive gymnastics says the trampoline has bounce like his ones at the gym! (and I like how it is safer with no springs and the enclosure)

Ren , Las Vegas, US

We bought this trampoline at Costco when our boys were 4 and 6. They used it all the time. We've had it for 7 years and it is in great condition. Two years ago I replaced the net which had tears and bought a set of the white slip on covers which had started to flake off. It was very easy to call and talk to someone to replace exactly just the parts I needed. The frame and jumping pad are both original and don't show signs of needing to be replaced.
Obviously having a trampoline is really fun for everyone and I'm glad that my kids childhood included having one. This was a great investment and I recommend it all the time.