L Hy Larson, St Cloud, MN, US

This is an amazing product. Is it pricey? Yes. However consider what you are getting. The thing I like most about this is it is super QUIET! Other family members have trampolines with springs and I always thought they were loud. squeak, Squeak, SQUEAK. This is the ninja of trampolines. Sleek and silent.

Arnold van Ginkel, Burlington, Ontario, CA

Please be aware the online installation tool in not accurate I entered postal code for Burlington Ontario and it stated I was eligible for a $299 flat fee installation. I called to book an install and they stated it was $399. I suggest you call before you make your purchase.

I opted not to go with the install.

Matt Hume, Redmond, WA, US

Kids and adults love it! Great exercise and fun. I got the biggest one with the basketball hoop and had it delivered and set up. No effort on my part. Super easy to maintain and loads of fun!

Vaughn Grossnickle, Beaverton, US

It was definitely not a breeze to set up. It took a lot of effort to get the rods installed, even with two of us. The net was also quite difficult to pull up over the mat. But not that it's up it is a blast to use. I can't say enough about the quality of the materials and the simple but effective design. I know we'll be enjoying this for many years to come.

Chris, Palmerston North, NZ

We're now on to our second Springfree tramp. We purchased our first one 3 years ago and took it with overseas. It served us well and is now in the loving hands of a very appreciative family in Vanuatu. On our return to NZ we purchased a replacement Jumbo Square Trampoline. On delivery some items were missing from the consignment but were sourced and delivered to us in super quick time. Once unpacked and instructions read, the build was a breeze. I've been impressed with the enhancements to the design and the instillation instructions. The colour coding around the frame and corresponding components is Gold. Now with the Trampoline up the the family is enjoying hours of fun bouncing.

Thanks Springfree for a great product and exceptional service.