Michael Brian Sanders, South Carolina, US

What an awesome trampoline. Incredible spring. Very safe. No way to fall off of or out of trampoline if door is zipped. My little girl loves it! And so do I! Very high quality materials. The net is top notch.

My only complaint is putting the net on is not intuitive. Not even with reading instructions and watching video. I had to do the net 4 times before I got it on right. The last time was my fault though, as I missed a hole and had to take half of it off. I would definitely recommend at least 2 men, if not three when stretching the mat. I did about a quarter of it by myself, then got my wife to help. We could not get the last 10 or so rods to snap in. I had to get 2 buddies to help and we had it together (the last 10 rods) in under 2 minutes. A little strength goes a long way.

I would recommend this to anyone!!!

Angela , NS, CA

Love it. Kids love it. But surprised that we were able to purchase it cheaper through Sears than directly from Springfree. Assembly directions were awesome. Customer service is fantastic.
My only complaint is that the safety netting does not stay on well. It keeps coming off the tops of the supports.
We recommend this product. Parents don't cheap out. Get a Springfree. It's safe for kids and grown ups can use it too.

Bradley Oleksyn, Mount Rascal, AU

This trampoline is fantastic. It all started with the service at Springfree in Tingalpa in Brisbane - the whole team were great with complete personal service - never once left alone or ignored. We picked up our jumbo with our 6x4 trailer we had brought from Toowoomba. My two son's Mitchell 11yrs & Jacob 9yrs assisted me and we erected ourselves on Sunday morning. The only slight hickup was the net but if you imagine turning a sock in before pulling on then this is the way to go and go all the way around with the excess hanging over and out of the frame with the start point being the tag and spot match and the rod in here to retain position. The proof is in the pudding and the boys absolutely love it. There is definitely more bounce than standard spring, it is silent - no squeaking from spring metal frame rub. We have had friends over and their kids are already pestering their parents to buy this trampoline. Beautiful quality product and I recommend the Flexrhoop, Flexrstep and wheels as mandatory - the kids are having immense fun with the flexrhoop. Although it is a lot of money it is well worth it. We checked out the others but none came up to this baby and neither did the service.

Louise, SA, AU

Great trampoline, both my children do trampoline for recreational fun, we were looking to upgrade from an old 12ft round trampoline which was worn out to a bigger better quality long lasting trampoline that the whole family could use - having the safety need is awesome too because when the kids are doing tricks I know they will be safe. We needed a trampoline suitable for outside. A mum from our trampoline club suggested your product. She only buys the best so I knew she had done her research. Thanks to the inventor of the Springfree trampoline and the staff that support the company. A good product backed by helpful staff means success for both you and me. (The website is well set up and easy to use too, the videos are fantastic). All the best to you all at Springfree, have a safe and Happy Christmas! We will have a happy bouncy one! many thanks Louise xx

JC, West Chester,Pa, US

Bought this last year for Christmas and our 4 kids(ages 8-15) love it, as do their friends!! Perfect for all ages!A bit expensive but happy we invested in a well made and safe trampoline