Dave Jones, NSW, AU

This is the best trampoline we have ever had, our son is the judge and so far he can't stay away from it!!!!! Instructions to assemble are well thought out and easy to follow. Although this company offers a great install service which you should take advantage of if not handy. Would highly recommend this companies products to any one who asks me.

Love it!!!!

Mike Sealock, Winchester, VA, US

Got a Spring Free trampoline 3 years ago and the mat just got a hole in it. The warranty expires after 2 years. I called customer service to complain and they stepped up and sent me a new mat even though mine was out of warranty... Now that's what I call GREAT customer service. Not too happy that the mat wore out, but with customer service like that I can't complain.

Jason Coon, Duvall, WA, US

We spent a lot of time watching all the Springfree YouTube videos and doing comparisons with other brands. There really isn't any other trampoline engineered to be as safe as a Springfree, all the others add padding to make the old design safer, but the Springfree is safer by design.

We originally thought we were going to get the O92 large oval, but when we visited their store and got to jump on all the models we were hooked on the S113 large square. It felt much roomier and seemed to provide more "sweet spots" for bouncing.

I was a bit nervous about the install, as I'd heard the horror stories of how hard the last few rods can be to install due to the increased tension. However using the technique they show in the videos of grasping the rod underhanded, and pressing your elbow into your hip and using your legs to press forward it really was simple. I had difficulty with a couple, but once I figured out the technique it was remarkably simple, even the last ones went in with no trouble or extra effort. I did the install by myself, with only "hand me this, hand me that" type help from my 10 year old, and I was done in just over 2 hours.

My kids love it, and my wife and I enjoy it as well, definitely gets your heart pumping, great exercise for the kids, much better than having them play video games inside all summer long.

Derek Lamprecht, Portland, US

Great product. Can't get the kids off of it.

Pippa Bunkall, Middlesex, GB

Fantastic product and service from moment of ordering to finished installation was faultless - a rare find! Ordered on the Monday all done and dusted by the Thursday, so glad we paid the extra and got Springfree.