Quality and Assembly Review

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Jan 18, 2014
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My comments concern (1) quality of product; and (2) assembly.

I have four kids, ages 11, 11, 10, and 5.

On quality, the product is outstanding. My kids love the trampoline and, as a parent, I feel much safer with this trampoline than with its competitors. It is clearly thoughtfully made and sturdy which I appreciate. It is worth the money.

Assembly, however, is another matter altogether. I am 6'5", 240 lbs. I used the assembly video on my Ipad along with the written instructions. My father assisted. Even with the proper technique (using weight and correct hand position), the rods can be very difficult to bend into place. I was thoroughly exhausted when the last one snapped into place. After all the white rods were in place, I discovered the netting was inside the trampoline, not outside (because the video says to throw it "into the space in the middle" which I carefully did, after hearing this "is the most complicated part."). That error meant I had to DISSASEMBLE every rod, fix the netting, and then reassemble every rod. It was 4 hours by this point and I could not continue physically.

The next morning, I fixed the netting and re-did the rods, but one of the black mat rod holders literally snapped in two from the pressure. So, I ordered a new mat rod holder from the company ($14.00) and finally finished the trampoline assembly.

I want this review to be balanced, not one written in frustration. So I am writing this a month after assembly. In sum, the product is excellent--my kids love it (and so do their friends). But I would seriously recommend an assembler and, if you do it yourself, you must have considerable strength (and patience).