Outdoor Fun Again

Posted on:
Feb 20, 2014
Name Elijah Gregory Product you want to review Medium Oval Trampoline City, Province/State Wilmington, NC Country UNITED STATES Where did you find out about Springfree? Word of Mouth Safety

As a pediatrician, I was very leary about taking the trampoline plunge with my children. However, at 14,11 and 7, they were relenting in their begging and my wife did not quite understand my concerns. I then heard about the Springfree trampoline and became interested. While the risk of injury from simply jumping straight up and down or flipping and landing inappropriately can still happen, the risk associated with spring injury and possibly falling off the trampoline are virtually nil. Since getting the trampoline for Christmas, the computers, Xbox(s), iPads and iPhones (somewhat!) have been put down and the three are playing outside in multiple different ways, not just with the trampoline. It has led to increased overall outdoor activities and healthier habits. I'm pleased to say that I am happy I made the purchase and the locking mechanism helps with keeping neighborhood kids off and increasing liability.