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Jun 20, 2014
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We got the trampoline for our kids in May.
Took half a day to install.
One spoke kept popping out, I sent an email to your company and no one responded.
Spoke came out again today, and when we tried to fix the plastic joint was broken (?).


Hi Monika,

Fortunately, a broken cleat is an easy fix and our customer care team will walk you through the replacement process. A broken cleat can occur when a mat rod is not entirely seated in the black socket – it can get caught on the edge of the socket and the tension and pressure can cause a breakage.
You can take out the few rods surrounding the area of the broken cleats and continue to use the trampoline in the meantime while we lodge the warranty claim (under the two year mat warranty policy). A couple missing mat rods will not affect the integrity or safety of the trampoline. As a side note, please remove the mat rod from the frame so that it does not put undue pressure on the net.
Hope this helps and please don't hesitate to ask us any other questions!
- Amanda, Springfree Trampoline Community Manager