Greatly exceeded our expectations!

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Jul 3, 2014
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I did a MOUNTAIN of research before buying. We jumped on three different high-end brand trampolines. We LOVE our Springfree. Our kids (2 and 5) jump on in the mornings and evenings. After the first 90 days they don't seem to have lost an ounce of interest. My brother has one and mirrors my sentiments.

PLEASE DO NOT BELIEVE WHAT SEE ON I did some of my own research on this site and they are a marketing tool used by a competitor, JumpSport. The about us section says "Under sponsorship from JumpSport". That is a MAJOR understatement. JumpSport is a quality product, but many of the safety concerns about Springfree are GREATLY exaggerated, almost lies.

Springfree PROS:
- VERY fun
- VERY Safe (NO springs, hard edges, or pinch points)
- Great bounce
- As much surface area as a traditional, but takes up 3 less feet of space width on the sides. 11ft spring free = 14ft traditional with the same jump surface.
- HIGH quality, very stable
- Lighter than a traditional unit. It can be moved by 3 - 4 adult males if needed. Not true of a traditional unit.
- I'm 235 lbs and have a GREAT time using it too!!!

- The ladder needs major improvement. It's pretty bad.
- A "traditional" seems to have slightly more bounce, but the fun factor is equal. Our kids do not notice ANY kind of difference. If you want to a professional trampoliner, maybe traditional is better but we couldn't be more pleased.
- You can find MUCH cheaper traditional, but the price in inline with higher end tramps.
- Setup. PAY FOR THE INSTALL, the best money you will ever spend. They were set up and done in 45 minutes. It took my brother 6 hours to set his up.


Wow, thank you Brad for all of your research! You really did your homework and we're glad we surpassed your expectations. 


- Amanda