Excellent Choice

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Jul 10, 2014
Name Marc Product you want to review Large Square Trampoline City, Province/State Naperville, IL Country UNITED STATES Where did you find out about Springfree? Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) Safety

My wife wanted a trampoline for the kids and of course I didn't think it was safe. I did lots of research to prove my point but alas I found tons of information about how great they were for the kids. I also found tons of safety tips and comparisons between a few brands and it was head to head. We went to our local dealer that had one setup and that did it for me. After I gave it the test run (I am not a small guy) I was convinced we had to have it. The price was hard to swallow but right in line with other high end Trampolines but the Springfree was much safer in my opinion. Even though there are 3 trampolines on our block ours is where the kids are at and they say the bounce is much better then the others. Apparently there are some games they play where they use the padded spring section (the part you are not supposed to stand on)of conventional units. But they just have to move faster now. Oh and another note to parents as much as every safety tip says only 1 at a time it is just not real for the kids. I am seeing though that as they are attempting higher level tricks they want to clear the deck for an even better bounce.