Shaun Swadling


“To be part of a company that is dedicated to promoting trampoline sports in the safest way possible is amazing! There is no better backyard trampoline.”


Shaun Swadling, whose nickname in the trampoline world is “squirt”, was born into a family of rivalry and competition. Shaun has an older brother, Ty Swadling, who is not only his mentor, but also his biggest rival in the trampoline arena.

Shaun’s love for the sport first started in 2000, after watching Ji Wallace win silver in the trampoline event at the Sydney Olympic Games. It convinced 8 year old Shaun and his older brother to join their local trampoline club in Newcastle (East Lake Trampoline Sports) and they have been with the club ever since, competing in both trampoline and synchronised trampoline.

Shaun has come a long way since 2000, ranking 18th in synchronised trampoline and 32nd in the individual trampoline event at the 2011 World Gymnastics Championships in Birmingham, England. He has also placed 8th at the Pacific Rim Gymnastics Championships in Seattle this year and 2nd at this year’s National Gymnastics Championships in Sydney. Currently, his greatest achievement has been being selected as the 2012 Olympic Reserve in trampoline for the London Olympic Games. Shaun is one to watch out for in the coming years, as his determination and skill is only going to keep on increasing, which could see him representing Australia in the 2016 Rio De Janeiro Olympic Games.

Shaun is grateful for his coach, Brett Austine, for all the hard work and support he has given him in his trampoline career so far. He is also thankful for his family: his mum and dad for all their love and support, and his older brother Ty, for not only keeping him motivated with their brotherly rivalry, but also being there for each other and cheering each other on at the sidelines of major competitions.

When Shaun isn’t studying to be a primary school teacher, or jumping on a trampoline, he takes every opportunity to get outdoors and catch some surf and do some water skiing in his hometown of Newcastle. You may also find him kicking around a soccer ball on a weekend when he finds some spare time!

Shaun’s motto is straight to the point: "Live to train. Don’t train to live."

What’s in the pipeline for Shaun in the coming years? Keep your ears open for Shaun’s name in 2013. He’s sure to be competing at major trampoline competitions throughout the year and will working hard to secure his place at the 2016 Rio De Janeiro Olympic Games in trampoline, not as the reserve, but as the Australian representative.